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Halloween OOTD: Outfit of the Day

We are gonna be minions!!
Finally, I bought a Halloween costume. And, it's the cutest thing— a minion. Ever since the first movie came out, I am just in love with these cute adorable creatures. Honestly, I wish I was Gru and had my own army of minions. But, after wishing for that for years now, I am myself becoming a minion. There's a Halloween Party tonight, and we are going as a minion couple. I am so excited!

What's your Halloween Outfit?

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Things I am thankful for

Oatmeal It is my favorite breakfast ever— recently I have found some new recipes and now breakfast is one thing I look forward to each morning. It makes getting up a little easier!

Workout ClothesI got new workout leggings and I just love them so much I wanna wear them all day. Also, I noticed I am more likely to go workout if I am already in the workout clothes. Sweatpants are the enemy!

Birthday Weekend I had one of the best birthdays this year, and I am so so so thankful for everything about it.

Gifts After many years, this time I got so many gifts from both family and friends. Gifts are my love language, and I am blessed for all this love.

Dates Night A little time out of the house, with a little wine and conversation can totally pick up my day. 

Happy feet I think I am addicted to the mani-pedis now— love the pampering!

Friends They are like your personal cheerleaders— so happy to have them to cheer me and pick me up!

What are you thankful for?

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Birthday: A day in my life

My birthday is my favorite day of the year, so how can I not talk about it? For today's prompt in the October Blogging Challenge, I am sharing a day in my life— the best day, my birthday!

Birthday this year was easily in the top five so far— it had travel, wishes from friends and family, great gifts, amazing food, and love!

I started my birthday this year in Seattle with birthday drinks at The Needle & Thread. In the morning, we woke up late after a good night's sleep, so that made for a happy morning. We went around downtown for a little walk, and then had a delicious and healthy brunch at Hotel Five. After the brunch, we dressed up and spent the day at Pike Place Market, and the Waterfront. I really loved the vibe at the Pike Place market, with the local shops and so much food. Did you know the First Starbucks store is there in the Pike Place market? I tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte for the first time— honestly, it was just okay. For lunch, I had the second best pizza of my…

Favorite Beauty Products

Tarte BB Tinted Moisturizer with SPFI really love the light texture, and I don't need to go through extra steps of a sunscreen lotion and foundation cream— just this one is good enough!
Get it here!

Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizing lotionThis is the first thing I put on my face after washing it. I love it because it isn't too oily or heavy on skin. You won't even feel it, and you get a soft hydrated skin to start your day with. Get it here!
Bobbi Brown Skin Serum Concealer I got this one as a sample from Sephora. It's very easy to apply and it blends well with the foundation and BB cream as well. It really covers the blemishes or spots, giving the clear look I want. Get it here!
Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipsticks Tarte lipsticks are just the best. I love their texture and colors. The best part is that I don't need to carry an extra lip balm with this one. It  Get it here!
Urban Decay Eye Primer Lotion The first time I used it was as a sample, and I loved it …

Blogging Advice for New Bloggers

It's been a while now since Here I Scribble has been around, so I think I can share a few things from my own experience that may help the new bloggers out there.
The more you read, the more your mind grows. Needless to say, you learn more and more with each reading, which adds to the research and knowledge of any topic. Also, it helps with coming up with the ideas for creating content and preventing the writer's block.
Forget looks Don't spend too much time on picking or tweaking templates— just pick one that you like and start writing. Trying to make the blog look perfect won't help if you don't have anything on there. So, just pick a cute theme (or whatever you like), add the plugins you need and get started.
Connect Reach out to other bloggers— read their blogs, leave comments, ask questions. That is the best way to increase visibility to your website and get meaningful follows. Join some blogging communities to begin with— you can find some on Facebook and…

Weekend things

Some laziness and some pampering make up for a happy weekend— that's how this one was!
Friday night I spent watching a long episode of Sherlock Holmes, and then just dozed off.
Saturday was my favorite kind of day— lazy morning, followed by a facial and more laziness, and then a mani-pedi and drinks while catching up with a friend!
Sunday was some more lazy with little bit of work— both for my day job and my blog, Netflix, some chores at home, and grocery shopping. But, there was an unexpected pick me up— a drinks date, to make the day even better.
Not much happened over the weekend, but I just love the lazy weekends. They help me recharge, and get ready for the coming week. I got to sleep well, and I am all ready for the hustle!

How was your weekend?

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5 Reasons why I love holidays

Spending time with Family and the family we make for ourselves aka Friends.A break from routine and work, with long weekends usually.Food, and more food— Holiday food is just the best!Lights & Decoration in the holiday season is simply beautiful!Lastly, giving and receiving gifts is cherry on the top.

What do you love about the holidays?

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Workout Playlist

Workout without music? Can't even imagine! Especially for a lazy person like me, there needs to be some distraction that prevents me from stopping. Music helps shorten the time and makes me keep going. I am sure that's true for a lot of us. Today I'll share my current workout playlist for the October blogging challenge!
Confident — Demi Lovato

How Deep is your Love — Calvin Harris & Disciples

Hey Mama — David Guetta Ft. Nicki Minaj

Uptown Funk — Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars

Bad Blood — Taylor Swift Ft. Kendrick Lamar

What tunes are you jamming to?

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Halloween Costumes Recap

Normally I plan everything way in advance, and to great detail. But somehow Halloween has always been excluded from the planning. Maybe it has something to do with the probability of plans getting last minute and me not wanting to waste money on an expensive costume that I may or may not wear. So, each time a few DIYs and random accessories at home or grocery store aisles have been there for me. Sometimes I have been a princess with just a tiara, or a devil with red horns, or an egg. The egg one has been my favorite so far— also it was a couples costume. There was a very last minute invite to a friend's house party and we just googled a few DIY options and this was the only one that seemed doable on such short notice. A short trip to Walmart, few colored charts, scissors, glue, ribbon, and TADA!

I just got a Halloween party invite today, and the same struggle starts now. Maybe I'll get a minion costume this time— check this one out! Or maybe another DIY? It's so hard to dec…

Throwback Thursday: The no-words Travel edition

It's no-words day today, so I am gonna let pictures do all the talking!

More here: A day in Disneyland

More here: Visiting Central Perk

More here: Crooked Street in San Francisco

More here: Netart's Bay on Oregon Coast

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Transformation Wednesday: Who am I?

Do you ever look back and fail to recognize the person you once were? 

When I look back, I see a much hopeful dreamy version of me— who is also naive and stupid, who is gullible and innocent, who trusts too much, cares too much. I guess we are all like that to some extent, and part of growing up is shedding that innocence and learning to be cautious, more careful with ourselves. But, do you ever feel maybe you got too careful now? Too critical of everything and everyone? It feels like I can almost pin point that moment of transformation. Last year has been crucial in my life— lot of lessons learned, a lot of things I had to see, a lot that I had to endure, and it did change me.

I am no more the hopeless romantic I used to be. I am no more the dreamy person I once was. I don't expect a lot from people now. I guess I have just learned how to be okay with life. I am more practical now. I have learned to not hold back myself for others' convenience. I have learned to voice my opinio…

A day in my Life, few years ago

Since I already wrote about a day in my current life a few days ago, today I am reminiscing to another time. I am re-living a time when I stayed with my friends, around 7 years ago. I had moved to a new city for a semester course, and I met my best friends. We live across continents now, but still the same at heart. I am gonna share with you what life looked like back then.

The day started without any hustle, with a friend waking me up for the morning tea. We would sit together for tea and chats, and then have the breakfast together. Our accommodation provided all meals so we never had to cook anything, and it made it so much better to just eat, drink and chat with friends. After a lazy morning, we would all get dressed and head out for our (different) classes. Luckily, even the classes were just 2 hours a day, and we would all be back by time for lunch. Lunch usually was accompanied by some TV or movies. Our lazy afternoon was then filled by more talks, movies and photoshoots. Thanks…

Reading Wish-list

I have put myself on a temporary hold at the book front for a while, because I need to change apartments soon and there's already way too much stuff in my place. So, since I am not reading anything currently, I'll share my reading wish-list: A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled HosseiniEleanor and Park, by Rainbow RowellAn abundance of Katherines, by John GreenAttachments, by Rainbow RowellIt's kind of a funny story, by Ned Vizzini
What are you reading? What's on your wish list?

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Travel Bucket List

More than anything else in world, I want to travel. I am lucky to have travelled to quite a few amazing places already, but there's so much more in the world that I want to see and I am not even close. A few places I have been to include Singapore, New York City, Washington D. C., Pennsylvania, Niagara Falls USA, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Disneyland, Portland, Oregon Coast, Las Vegas, Boston and some more I am sure I am forgetting right now. But, wanderlust doesn't quench. And today I am sharing my current travel bucket list. I say current, because once I cross off a place, new places get added to it.

This is one of my favorite places on earth. I can look at pictures from Santorini all day, each one is more beautiful than the other. The colors, the sunsets, the ocean— it's all so beautiful. It seems like the perfect place to be for a vacation— a romantic one would be even better. I remember the first time I saw this places was in the movie S…

Birthday OOTD — October Blogging Challenge Day 17

Sorry for the lack of original photo, but I am not wearing the dress yet. Also, I am traveling for my birthday weekend, so it's a little less real-time. But, this is the dress I am wearing tonight for my birthday dinner. I bought this Jessica Simpson dress online, from Amazon. You can find it here. It was my first time shopping any clothes from amazon— I try to stick with the stores I usually buy from. But I forgot to get anything in time, and amazon was the only place that would deliver in 2 days for free. Thanks Amazon Prime!

What's your Outfit of the Day?

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Things I am Thankful for — October Blogging Challenge Day 16

Gratitude is one of my favorite themes to write about, so of course I love that it's also a part of this blogging challenge. For the first thankful Friday post in this challenge I wrote about what I am thankful for in life. For this one, I will take a shorter time— let's stick to this week!
Fall WeatherThe weather is getting so good now. I am loving the sunshine without the scorching heat. Although, I miss the fall colors in the northeast. I am hoping this weekend would be nice fall weather to enjoy with warm beverages, cozy sweaters, and love.

BrowniesI found this easy-to-make recipe for brownies. It's just three ingredients and it is super delicious. I have made them thrice this week, so that tells you something, right? I didn't eat all of it alone though. I just enjoyed making them; I ate just twi little pieces.
Ipsy Glam BagThis week I got my first Ipsy glam bag in mail, and I love everything about it— the bright pink packaging, the cute golden makeup bag, the makeup…