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Stupid cold!

Finally, after months, I had a day off between the week. And I was so looking forward to it. I planned to write, and go out in the sun. But no! This cold had to spoil my plan. And now I am just sitting in room, with my laptop and no energy. It's the third day now. Enough cold! Go away now.

Today I feel..

I was just reading some blogs, and saw this post. I liked the questions, and decided to do that myself here.
So, here I go..

1. Today I feel... confused and stressed. 2. This week I hope to ... feel a little good about myself. 3. Last night... my head was spinning from all thinking. 4. At the moment I would really like to have... peace. 5. What's the last thing you bought for yourself, excluding food? Body wash. 6.  Right now I spend too much time... thinking and re-thinking. 7. Song currently stuck in your head? 'Set fire to rain' by Adele 8. Do you prefer winter or summer? That used to be winter always, but I think right now I want summer. Could use sunshine, in my life too.

Oh wow, I just re-read it, and quite depressing I must say.. I hope to be better when I post next!

What's wrong with me?

It feels like I have lost the love for life. I mean, not really; it's not like I'm going to commit suicide or something. But, I feel like I don't have any thrill or excitement for life. Every morning I just get out of bed, 'coz I am supposed to. But, really I don't have anything to look forward to in the day. I don't want a life like this. I want to feel inspired by something, I want to do something, to accomplish something. I feel like I am just wasting my life, not doing anything. I know all this, and still I just don't get that feeling from inside to do something, to create something. What's wrong with me?