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Quote for the day #1

"When pain is over,
the remembrance of it
often becomes a pleasure."
-Jane Austen (Persuasion)

Move on !!

Last night after dinner, I made hot coffee for me and my roommate. And then we both sat down for movie "When a man loves a woman". Moments later I was the only one watching, these cellphones are such a distraction. She went to talk to her boyfriend, and I continued watching the movie. The movie was simply awesome. I always love Meg Ryan, but Andy Garcia was too good a lover. Loved him all through the movie! After this one finished, I wasn't still feeling sleepy. So I decided to see another one "Mean girls". 

Though it is not a serious movie, it made me serious. I don't know why every little thing takes me into the flashback. Its been months that I am trying to just forget that group, which was my group someday. But why it still hurts somehwere when I come across their names, or see their pictures on some social networking website. I had tried more than I should, to keep the whole thing intact, but maybe it wasn't meant to be. But then why am I not able t…

Aaah! Yummmiee

Today was another boring day, like usual. I had planned to do some study but I was not feeling well, so I just kept on sleeping all day because of the medicines. But I am so thankful that the evening went good! We don't get dinner on Sundays as the cook needs an Off for the evening every week! So, every Sunday night, either we have to cook ourselves(I never do that), or order something or we go out for dinner. I usually prefer going out, but generally we order food for some reason or the other. But today, for a change, I went out with my roommate :o) because both were feeling very bored, and decided to go out and refresh ourselves. We went for some window shopping, and shoe shopping. My roommate bought herself a pair of sandals. Then we went to Pizza Hut, and we had the new Cheesy bites pizza. It was so yummy. In beverages, I had fresh lime, and my roommate had lemonade. I just love the aroma at the place. I enjoyed a lot sitting there. Followed by the pizza, we also had Vanilla s…

Status review

Feeling: Lazy, Lonely, Sick.
Loving: Beautiful weather, Watching movies.
Reading: Deception point, Blogs.
Wanting: Freedom, Shopping, Hanging out with friends.
Dreaming: Of walking without stick.
Having: Coke with Little hearts.
Waiting: To walk, dance.

What are you doing???

Politically correct

Last night i was chatting with my roommate like everyday. She is a big chatterbox. The moment she comes back from work, she goes on and on about her day, her work, her colleagues, her good and bad experiences.. I'm usually the listener. Yesterday, while talking she said that she needs to amend her attitude. according to her, she spoils her relations with people because of others. Sharing an experience, she told me how she stopped talking to a person after her friends had a conflict with him. But few days later they all mingled up again, while she still is not talking to that person. That took me into a flashback, and made me think.. I recalled how i used to be with only those few people whom i considered my friends. I was never judgemental about anybody. Whenever any of my so-called friends gave any opinion about someone, i just believed them blindly and always stood up by them. They would call me the best friend etc. But in the rough patches none of them stood up by me, they pref…


Finally, I seem to be successful in pushing myself out of the bad mood swings, and so I am back here. I went to my home yesterday, and I think that helped me a great deal. Also, I got a sound sleep after a long time which makes me relaxed and happy. Plus, I met two of my friends, a bonus!

I came across some lines while reading a magazine so thought of sharing them with you, my readers.

"If you think you are bad at judging people, don't blame yourself for that. For the first six months (at least), people in relationships don't really meet each other, they just meet representatives of each other.Representatives that put their best face on." And this does not apply to just love relationships, its with every relation that we have to make. Whenever we meet people, personally or professionally, friends or colleagues, this applies everywhere i think. People are too nice and sweet initially. Its after some time has passed that they start failing to carry on with representation…


Sorry readers, I'll catch up in few days HOPEFULLY! Everything's too messed up for now

I am scared

I am feeling terrible right now. I have an exam tomorrow.  I never felt like this before for any exam. I am feeling so nervous, I am SCARED. Because of the accident, I have missed out all the classes, and I don't know what I am going to do there tomorrow! It's a really important exam, and I don't know why things had to be this way just before the exam. I am too worried and sad right now. It's a beautiful weather outside but even that doesn't seem to interest me. God please help me out! I need to pass this exam :(

When no one is around

I was going through The secret society of list addicts, and found this one interesting, and so I'm stealing the idea.
Here are a few of the things that I like to do when no one is watching.
1. TALK: I talk to myself, continuously, about every big and little thing. It might sound funny, but give it a try. Its a wonderful feeling being your own friend!

2. MIRRORING: I look into the mirror and makes the funniest faces myself, or adore myself sometimes when I am looking good. It helps me being happy in both cases, and I enjoy doing that!

3. SING-DANCE: I am very bad at singing, but when no one is around I can sing to the top of my volume without fearing any embarrassment, and I also dance like crazy to my stupid tunes!

4. MAKEUP: I hardly wear any make up when I go out, but I try it when alone and its really too funny to look at myself after my artwork. But I must say, I am too bad at it!

5. WRITE: I have a diary, that I have to hide always so that no one can read it. I love writing in my …

Hopes Hopes Hopes

Finally, I am back here and I am really happy about it. Though I miss home and family and all that care I got. I miss them a lot here, but I love being on my own, doing all by myself. First day here went great as my Apple took out time for me and we had a wonderful evening together. And that is enough to make me happy :o) I also made a gift for him, I love making things for him, but forgot it in my cupboard only. So dumb I am at times.

Now there is a wish-list of things I have to do after I get well and can walk properly: 1. SHOPPING: Its been so long that I went to do some shopping. I could not go even for window shopping. And i really need to update my wardrobe! 2. MOVIES: I love movies and I have missed so many movies. So its the first thing I am going to do after I'll be able to walk! 3. ROAD TRIP: Its been like one and a half month when I drove last. So, this is a must! 4. BOOK SHOPPING: I have developed an interest in reading recently, so I am going to buy some good ones for me! 5…

Things that made me happy today

1. SLEEPING: Today was a cool day, a break in the heat of summers. So, I was feeling very lazy. I had 2-3 naps, and enjoyed it a lot. I love sleeping!
2. TALKING ON PHONE: After many days, I got to talk to my Apple, and that makes me super-happy, like always!

3. CLIMBING STAIRS: I went up to the terrace, climbing 20 stairs, and came back. I repeated this once more. For you fit people, this might sound stupid. But for me, its no less than an achievement.

4. RAIN: This year has been real bad summer year, with very less rain and disastrous monsoons. Further bad for me, as I have been isolated from outer world for over a month. Finally, today I enjoyed the rain for first time. My first rain!
5. FOLLOWER: I got 1 more follower Sara, taking the count to 17. I love 17 number, its my birthdate. So that makes me happy! Also, last but not the least, I am going back tomorrow to get back in my normal routine finally. Though it will take time till I am fully recovered, but I am full of hopes and I am v…

Enough is enough

I really need to get out of this patient life, and get back on track now. I feel I am becoming so boring and out-of-touch with everything. Life has become so dull, with same boring routines. Nothing to do on my own, lying in bed all day, having medicines, listening to stupid TV and surfing internet all day. I have had so much over dose of all this that nothing interests me anymore. I really need a change now. I can't even think of what to write here. Its only cribbing and cribbing! I think even my readers are goin to stop looking into this blog now.
I want to get out of this bed, dress up well, go out, see things around, do some shopping, go to eat out, hang out with friends.. and lots more! Everything that I did before this phase.
I cannot take this anymore :x Enough is enough!

I would love to know you

Each month, take a minute to write a response to the following...
Feeling: Tired, Fed up of patient life, Lonely.

Loving: Reading, Blogging, Friends, Family.

Reading: Blogs, Books.

Wanting: Freedom, Going back, Watching movies, Shopping.

Dreaming: Of being with my Apple :o)

Having: Pizza.

Waiting: To go back, To get my life on track.

Wanna play?
I would want to know your answers.


I have nothing to write. Feeling so blank, and dumb.  I am having severe headache. My eyes are paining too.  I am feeling lonely actually. Bad day. Sad day.

Love #0

I was watching Hans Baliye on TV. For those who don't know, it is a reality show in which real life couples perform comic acts. Today was the final between two couples. Though the act was comic, there was love in it. I want to mention the words of the winning husband,"At situations like this, people say very emotional things. But I have only I thing to say. I swear upon my kids, the only reason I wanted to win this show was that my wife was going through the low of her life and I wanted to give her a change. Change to bring her back to happiness." It was really very touching!

What weekend?

I am still awake, willing to read some blog posts from the blogs I am following. But I think all of them are enjoying there weekends. Nothing to read. Also, there is no plan yet this weekend. Obviously, I can't go anywhere, and still no word from friends if they will be here or not. Besides, there is nothing interesting- no books, no movies. But there is one reason to be happy. I walked today, thrice, for few minutes each time! I am so thrilled , finally I am on my way to independence. Yippy!


Once I read a quote : "Unlucky is the woman who has no woman friend."
And in last One year, I have realised how true it is! Men are somewhat like those fair weather mates with whom we can hang out, and have great fun and laugh. It is also possible that these times are among the best enjoyed times of our life. But, usually, there lacks something. Maybe, it is because of the boy-girl thing. In very rare cases, there is 'that' level of understanding which we can always share with our girlfriends, atleast to a great extent. Maybe because we women are, more or less, the birds of same feather. And so, this is for my loving (girl)friends for being my support and strength through every thick and thin. I feel 'lucky' because of you girls!


1. I will know to speak exactly what I feel. 2. I will be a good cook. 3. I will forget people and live for myself. 4. I will learn different dance forms. 5. I will be independent.

2 pictures game

Idea by: Oh! Mishka
Grab your camera. Take pictures of two things in the room you are in right now.
Put them on your blog and say why you chose those two items to photograph. Then comment here with the link to your blog post so that we can all see each other's pictures.
Here are mine... 1. The container I got with Spykar wrist watch. Now I use it for collecting coins. 2. My sweet mouse. Its extra attachment with my laptop. The reason that I chose these 2 items is that I am a very stationary object now days because of fracture, so I cannot move around a bit. These items were the most reachable ones. Also, I am not having my camera with me. Clicked these with my cellphone, so no good zoom and picture quality. These were the things at arm's distance, so they were the best choice.

What I hate now days

Being in bed all day Feeling helpless Being dependent on everyone Long never ending waits Missing my freedom

Free Day

Finally, after such a long month, I am free. I got rid of that cast. Yaay! I am so happy. It feels so good to feel the air striking against my leg which has been isolated and trapped for all this time. Though I can't walk yet, for next week or so, and it will take long time till it will be properly fine. But, I see brighter side now. I am so so very happy. Thank you God :)

My guilty pleasures

If anybody doesn't know, I will gladly let them know that Pizza is one of my all time favorites. And finally, yesterday I ordered Pizza Mania from Dominos. All thanks to my brother. Almost after a month, I had my favorite food. Being a super foody I am very happy because of this. Also, to add, I am not at all guilty for it. I have decided to eat whatever I feel like and not to have any guilt about it. There are plenty of other things to worry about. Why to add to them!

My day of birth

Maybe Facebook is right again...


Isn't it lovely? Right now, it is my dream breakfast. It looks so yummy! I have noticed that I am drawn more to the food with good presentation. Someday I'll also be good at all this.. And the idea of day-wise handkerchiefs along is also nice!
If we talk of my breakfast these days, it is zero presentation. Just two boiled eggs in a boring steel plate with a little salt at a side, given with an ugly fat mug of milk. Why we people don't understand the importance of presentation? Food is the only beautiful thing that nourishes. But we forget the beauty part, considering it irrelevant. Nourishing part is already lost because of the chemicals used in everything. Nothing left!

Top 5 things I miss here

1. My sony cybershot
2. Eating out
3. Shopping
4. Evening drives
5. Movies

Autumn in New York

Today afternoon, I saw the movie 'Autumn in New York'. Nice movie. The movie made me realize, we can never be sure of tomorrow. Never can we know what is going to happen to us, or our loved ones, the very next second. Life is too short to love our dear ones. It is not how intense or deep feelings we have, it is how we make them feel. It is about treating them right. People might not remember what we said to them, but they will never remember how we made them feel. Sugar-coated words mare not necessary, just care is enough for anyone, be it in any different way. We have got just one life, and none of us know how long or short it is. We should live and love as if there is no tomorrow. I hope all of us realize this soon, as we have already wasted over twenty years.

I am going blank

I am having nothing in mind as what to write here. I am feeling so damn free and useless. I hate being dependent on anyone, but I am having no choice now. I want to go back, to walk again, to move about, to do everything on my own, and to be busy. Very busy.Please God, end this punishment now, please. I am not doing any self-pity, but I want to get out of this damn plaster now. Also, as said in Hindi, "Khaali dimag, shaitaan ka ghar!" This mind wanders so much, cut it off please. What else do I write! (Enough of cribbing) I miss my cybershot!But even if I had it here, it won't be of much use as I am more of a stationary object now.
I saw 'Bridget Jones's Diary' today morning. Nice movie.

Planning to see one more today, but I am scared of the headache that constant laptopping gives me. I wish somebody could get me a book. I don't like asking for favors, but I am in a helpless condition.