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Things I learned..

I know I have been too busy lately. So much that I didn't even get a chance to stop and think about anything, let alone being able to keep them long enough to get them on paper or on this blog. But, this morning, time tricked me a little. (That might not be the best way to put it, but I think it will make sense if you read on.) So, what really happened was that I missed my bus by one minute, and I regretted it so much. I have gotten into this weird habit of turning on my laptop every morning while I am getting ready, and almost every day that’s what makes me running after the bus to work. I think I kind of needed this warning to stop wasting time when I really don't have any. So, on my next bus, I got to thinking about some things that I have learned over past few days, and I just have to share:
Never add irrelevant things on list, when you're already short of time. It’s always better to be a minute early, than regret being late (or run after buses first thing in the morni…

Intelligent or Happy?

Yesterday, during the usual "time-wasting" activities of mine which mean Facebook and Twitter for most part, I came across a quote: Intelligent girls are more depressed because they know what the world is really like. I just paused for few minutes reading it over and over again, and looking back at my life trying to see it. And you know what, it did not take me too long to relate to it. I could, sadly, so easily find so many instances and examples from my life and things that I have seen to show how true it is. Within my own circle of friends, there are happy and ignorant girls, and also the sensitive and well-read ones. I can not seem to decide where I want to be? Although it's too late to choose sides now, but this clear trade-off is so expensive and unfair. And the reason is not us, it's the society and its narrow-minded controlling values. This makes me sad to even think that the most hard working, well read, intelligent women might just be losing their chance a…

June, not really summer here!

Feeling: tired, yet blessed
Loving: my cozy bed
Reading: nothing but will start a book soon
Wanting: one good weekend
Dreaming: of the happy good days to come
Having: tea
Waiting: for the reason of my happiness to come back

How are you doing?