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Transient Tuesdays: Create change

Imagine a world where everything remained unchanged. That would mean no age, no time, no movement and of course no development. If you ask me, I see no difference between death and remaining static.
When was the last time you did something new?  How long have you been sticking to a routine and disregarded the idea of doing something new for a change? Is any of your bad habits causing you pain?  You realize you have to change but simply can't bring yourself to do it?   Do you fear changing will jeopardize your present circumstances?
I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to these questions. The fact that you're reading this means you want to take the steps and turn your life around. You must be aware how important change is to our survival.
Change is mandatory. Change is constant. Change is inevitable. Change is everywhere and present in the most minute of things. It's happening to you as you read this. So, why do we shy away from something so important? Why do we continuously re…

Transient Tuesdays: How to Embrace Change

Change.  We’ve all experienced it.  We’ve invited it in, probably tried to slam the door on it, and we’ve been surprised by it!  Change, while not always welcome, and certainly unpleasant at times, usually leaves us better than when we started.  And, if you are a control freak, well, change just doesn’t fit into your plan, but I’ve got a plan for that!
First, let’s break it down.  There are three basic types of change.  For the sake of time, we’ll keep it simple:
1.A desired change. This is the change that occurs because you want it to.  It could be a new car, a new marriage, a new recipe, a new home!  A new hobby? Go for it! This is the kind of change that we proclaim, “Yes, change, my old friend, I’m so happy to see you! Welcome!” 2.Necessary change.  It may or may not be desired.  You have an ear infection, and your doctor prescribes you some antibiotics.  A nuisance, yes, but you want to feel better, right?  You want to lose a few pounds.  This requires a lifestyle change in how you…

Cut from the same cloth

We say we are all different, but at the same time it feels like we are all so similar. Despite the several obvious differences, it still feels like deep down we are all just the same. Craving for love and attention, focusing on ourselves before anyone else (some might wanna deny, but realize it's true), and take every important thing as granted just because it's there. And I am not just talking about relationships, though it stands true for them too. In this past month, I realized this. Both for relationships, and my own self. I hurt my foot, my hand and my heart and it taught me one thing: Nothing is going to magically stay there in your life. You have to work for it, take care of it, and never forget that having something today doesn't guarantee any such thing for future. So, love yourself. Take care of your health. And make sure your loved ones know you love them!

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Transient Tuesdays: Don’t Be Afraid of Change

There are two types of people: those who fear change and those who actively pursue. I have always been an active pursuer of change, while my brother was not. I was the kid who changed my after school activity until I found what I really loved, with no fear at all. I was the one who changed my hair in middle school, who became a leader in a club during my freshmen year of high school, and who insisted on touring the country at 17. 
Change is a choice, and is an active endeavor. And so is not changing. We decide the direction our lives take, and we can either do so with fear or with confidence.
Making changes keeps life the way you want it, on the track you wish to take, and is completely you’re choice what to do, or not do. Change shouldn't scare you, because it’s a tool to help you make your life just the way you want. Although staying where you are is comforting, change can make you grow and improve your situation.
So go change your hair, your job, your city, or what ever soothes yo…

Friday Things

Hello scribblers,
How are you? How is life treating ya'll? What's going on lately?
For me, it is pretty usual- Get up in the morning, get ready for work, eat my breakfast, try to fight sleep at work, come back home and cook, watch Game of Thrones with dinner and then try to sleep early. I have been failing at that last part a lot.
I made some changes to the blog recently- I changed the header and also the default font for my blog. I also did a little tweaking in my template so now my posts titles are centered. I have to thank Dana, for her tutorials. They are really simple and easy to follow, and the small changes make a big difference. For creating the header, I used Canva. I love it- it's so easy to create images for my blog posts, icons or headers. For the fonts, I used free fonts from Google and imported them to my template. They have so many good fonts and it was so hard for me to choose. I initially had picked way too many, but thankfully they have a tool which show…

Fitness: the real struggle

Try googling the world "fitness" and you get around 1.5 billion results in under a second. With that much amount of information, one would think it is achievable. Not that it isn't but it definitely isn't an easy journey. I personally have struggled with it for a large part of my life thus far and with very little success. So, obviously this is something that's on my mind a lot.

Yes, we can aim at working out 5 days a week and come up with a healthy plan to follow. But, it isn't that simple. It's not just us and the plan- there are several other factors that throw us off.

Work: We all have things we need to do, and sometimes these things demand more attention than we have in mind. Be it long hours of work, or much needed family time, or giving attention to kids- life gets in the way of the fitness goals.

Peer pressure: It's the hard truth- you are all alone in this journey. Friends and family don't really provide the support you might look for. Worki…

Transient Tuesdays: I’ll Have Some Wine With My Cotton Candy

My highly logical, humbly beautiful, 23-year-old daughter randomly shouted out during our mother daughter outing, “Mom, you’re having too much fun for a 50 something year old woman!”. I laughed the shared holiday coffee drink right out of my mouth. Partly because of how eloquently she brushed over which birthday I had just celebrated but, mostly because I remember thinking the same thing about my own parents. We baby boomer children didn't shout out seemingly selfish, personal frustrations at one’s parents. No, unlike the open, honest millennial generation, we remained respectful to a fault. We liked being safely tight closed doors.
Keep in mind my daughter is both logical and millennial, and this time she is also right. I AM having fun. Almost carnival type fun, similar to the same rush you get from eating cotton candy at the top of a Ferris wheel. I’m experiencing child-like joy and, I’m more mellow too, aging gracefully but not willingly, like a fine wine. How can I feel so youn…

Monthly Update: May '15

Feeling: tired, sleepy, sick

Missing: Tim Hortons 
Loving: the new friends and groups in blogging world, the sunshine, and the warm weather.
Reading: blogs- a lot of them! 
Wanting: a vacation where I can just relax- eat and sleep!
Dreaming: of going back home, being with my family and old friends.
Having: eggs, oatmeal, and tea- my usual breakfast.
Waiting: for the Memorial Day long weekend. 

How about you, scribblers?

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