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..and that was enough!

"We didn’t talk about anything heavy or light,  we were just there together,  and that was enough." -The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Some things I want to do

I'm having a really tight schedule, stressing work that drains me out of all energy, strength and determination, But there are a few things I want to take out time for. 1. Regular exercising to stay fit. 2. Reading. 3. Staying up-to-date with current affairs. 4. Have proper diet. 5. Learn some dancing. 6. Take care of my skin. 7. Keep in touch with all friends and family, plus my blog-world as well.
I hope I'd be able to take out some time and save a little energy, and manage things well.

Just passing by..

Hello sweeties,
How are you all doing?
I just thought of saying a little Hi before I leave for office. For news, I cleared all my exams :o) :o) yaaay! And I am now working on a small project. After that we'll be allocated postings, *I am keeping my fingers crossed*
Wish me luck :o)
Keep writing,

You judge me!?

“It doesn’t take much  to look at a person and  see how they dress, look, and walk-  to judge.  It takes much more  to go up to that person and  find out who they are,  see how’s their heart works and  to know what to feel.  People judge everyone  because it’s the easiest way  and don’t want to bother with anything else;  these are the ones that don’t have any true friends.”


Hello lovelies, How are you all doing? I know it's a long time since I have wrote last time, but I really miss blogging and reading blogs so much. But my on-job training has got me so busy and also there is no net access. Sorry for disappointing my readers.  Well, on my side things are going good. On a regular pace. Except for today as an exception. Today we were struck by cyclone Laila. (Not actually though, it had its focal point about 150 miles away, but it was a great impact cyclone) At first we enjoyed the weather, but when we were told to evacuate the workplace and go to our places for safety, it really scared us. But, hopefully it'll pass away tomorrow. hopefully :| Besides, all's going good. I have one last test left, hope to clear it with good score.  Keep writing readers, your comments make my day!

I am remembered!

Zmaga, my lovely follower from blogger world, has awarded me with these two awards.

I feel very special upon receiving these, for she has remembered me even when I have been away for quite a while now.  Thank you lovely lady.  You just made my day!