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write love — Loving Yourself: Accepting Who You Are

Do you remember your childhood? I definitely remember mine. I was full of smiles and joy, and I never felt flawed or inadequate. I had magical moments of just being who I really was; I was never worried about societal expectations from me. But as I started to grow older, some of those magical moments started to slowly fade away. I started to compare myself to others and noticed my flaws, which lead me to becoming insecure about certain aspects of myself. All of us at some point have struggled with wavering self-esteem, which can leave us feeling little self-love. But, I’m here to remind you how important it is to feel that self-love, because this will give you the ability to live your life to the fullest. The journey to self-love is one that must start from the inside, so we can truly embrace being our unique selves. 
Every day we are bombarded with images from magazines or social media of people who are thin, beautiful, and always look happy. When we search on YouTube for makeup tip…

write love — Love and Happiness

I recently made the decision to be happy. Sounds ridiculous right? Surely everyone wants to be happy. Well that may be what people would like to think but how many of us base our happiness on conditions. I will be happy when…  I have a nice car I move to a big house I get a better job Someone loves me
Making an active choice to be happy means to be content in life regardless of conditions. This is especially true for my last listed condition; I will be happy when someone loves me. 
Love is an important part of the human experience and it is true that to find happiness without love would be very difficult but we cannot rely on anyone else’s adoration of us. If we base our happiness on this condition we will inevitably be let down at some point. 
The most important person you must learn to love is yourself. 
We have all heard the expression that you cannot expect anyone to love you if you can’t love yourself and in my opinion never a truer word has been spoken. 
To love your se…

write love — L.O.V.E.

I love anything and everything which is Purple.. Hehe.. Just kidding! 
Talking about "LOVE" has never been easy for me.. Once upon a time when I was in high school I thought it's something only for those who are about get married.. Hehe..(I know that sounds little creepy)! 
Let me tell you a story.. 
A girl that is been loved too much by her family and was eldest among all her brothers and sisters once fell in love with this weird guy who was exactly opposite to what she was. 
This guy was a lunatic. He was everything which this poor girl never wanted. At every step she just knew he was lying but still she chose to be with him(may be that's what we call DESTINY). 
She drifted away with him, leaving behind her family and closest friends. Her sister told her she was making a mistake, her brother stopped talking to her. Nothing stopped her and as always her parents agreed to what she decided for herself. 
Days turned into months and months into years, both of them deci…

write love — Don’t Forget About Love - Love is…

During the season of giving it is easy to get lost in the shuffle and forget the true meaning of this time of the year. But for me, a huge part of the holidays isn’t gifts, it’s extra doses of love. But what is love? Love is...  … a big hug just when you need it most  … a warm chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven  … inviting an extra guest or two when you don’t really have room at the table, and knowing that isn’t what matters most  … a kiss on the forehead  … a smile and wave at a stranger  … taking time to help those in need  … leaving scarves, hats, and gloves on park benches for those who need them on a cold day  … a text just to say you are thinking of someone  … a hot, steamy shower  … a room full of laughter  … not looking in the mirror  … making someone else smile  … a street illuminated by holiday lights  … cards in the mail  … photos of loved ones  … a fire in the fireplace  … a newborn baby  … slippers  … the holidays 
Obviously you may have different definitions of…