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Guest Blogger: Jennifer

Over the past year, my life has changed dramatically. I went from living with my boyfriend in a dead end job and miserable. To living on my own, with a new boyfriend, at a new job, and very happy with life. At first when I realized the changes that I had to make, I thought there was no way I could ever make anything happen and that I might just be stuck in this miserable life I had been living for so long. 
Changing your life and taking risks and chances is probably the hardest thing anyone will ever do in life. Especially removing yourself from your comfort zone. I would say the taking the leap and breaking up with my ex AND moving out of my house, was not only the right thing to do, but very liberating in showing how independent I could be but also I am OK on my own. That I didn't/don't need anyone to dictate my life anymore and that the decision that I make are for me and my life and not having to worry about anyone else's. 
Taking a look back on that whole mess I went th…

Ever mine, ever thine.. Ever ours!

"You are  the best thing  that's ever been mine."  -Taylor Swift


In my otherwise so very usual going life, recently I have been feeling something unusual. Sometimes, it feels like all happiness have been sucked out.  Yea yea, I am sounding a lot like the movie, but there are times when I actually feel that way. All the bad memories come running to mind. Even the best of things happening around fail to make me smile. And I even feel like my whole life will be this way only.. Sounds weird? I know it does. I surely need to learn a Patronus, to shoo these dementors away!

Guest Blogger: Courtney

"You know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon everything's different."  [Bill Watterson]

When I’ve made a big decision sometimes, before I go to bed that night, I ask myself: “Who am I going to be when I wake up?”   Those are the big changes in life. They’re the ones where you take a chance on something that could end up going horribly wrong, but you take that chance anyway.  For me, those are the ones where I’ve woken up and found myself doing my undergraduate work in North Carolina or my master’s degree in Budapest.  They’re the decisions that, when you look back you wonder what you were thinking but at the same time can’t imaging your life having played out any other way.  It is those moments, those decisions that define you. They punctuate your life, marking the points where you cast aside reason and decided to just live. It is within those moments that we catch a glimpse of who we truly are, and who we could become. This is why we shouldn…

He, and me!

"He’s the gravity, that keeps my feet on the ground.  I’m the wings, that keep his heart in the sky."

I must learn..

“I must learn to love the fool in me-  the one who feels too much,  talks too much,  takes too many chances,  wins sometimes and loses often,  lacks self-control,  loves and hates,  hurts and gets hurt,  promises and breaks promises,  laughs and cries.” — Theodore Isaac Rubin

Guest Blogger: Yasmine

Dear God, In a world of planets and stars; I'm a crescent. I've always been a crescent…that does not change. I only get better at it. I've got all the space for myself yet it just feels the same. A very interesting word has always loomed in my head; "achieve". I constantly feel that I should be doing more, that there IS more to this. I'm always yearning to change something along with myself in the process. As foolish as I were younger, I was fun to hang around and I know that because "fun" is out of bounds for me now. But I already made my choice. I was gonna be a better person. I wanted to eliminate as much flaws as I can reach. And I'm better yet barely having any friends now, or maybe any life. So I often ask myself if it was all worth it. But I'd be still foolish if I were to believe it was me who induced the change, or that I can be careless again just because I feel like it. But of course you knew that it was not my choice already. We grow up. W…

Another b'day without you!

Miss you, like every time!

Thanking the week!

This week I am thankful for: 1. Finally getting a room for my own 2. Getting eyes almost well (I'm ignoring the fact that I got infection this week only) 3. New bed 4. New spectacles 5. My friend's in town 6. My lovely adorable bro 7. Loads of TV and internet and driving, plus my favorite sleep
What are you thankful for?

Another Friday!

like last three weeks, eating, sleeping, reading, watching TV, and that's a recursive loop... no plans for weekend yet, again. Hope I have something to do for a change.
Oh yea, I have hell lot of shifting to do, this weekend. Finally shifting my room. And yes, birthday coming up this weekend only, huh. I think I could live without it!
Happy weekend to all.. :o) Have fun!

Guest Blogger: Kay

i’ll keep my window open -Kay
i wish i had the power to change it all, opening my window mother nature hears my call hot to mild than cold, she alters the perception of all of us out of control yet as the wind blows through my pain she whispers her secrets in vain as she bares no special powers the earth turns not to her avail she has no more control than i or you we must all just take it day into night night into storms ask not the questions nor expect the answers for once we have sought what we seek the universe alters changing all of which we speak of all of which we grow accustomed becomes nothing more than a mutter

Countdown begins.... Well, not really

1 week 0 excitement
No suspense, Next Sunday is my birthday, if that's important anyhow. Because to me it's not. I'm feeling even worse than last year. No friends, well maybe by then 2-3 may drop in but still.. I don't find the thought any helpful right now. No one around, with whom I would feel happy that day. And I am not even sure who all will be there. It might just end up as a crap day full of relatives visiting as it is Dussehra- a festival that day.
I'm gonna miss a lot of people that day, my besties,, who have now headed off in different directions. Life.
And this whole idea of birthday isn't even thrilling anymore, maybe that's a part of growing up or whatever.
Aaaargh! I am so angry today, fuming red, now puffed eyes by the end of day. Can't even breathe normally. Guess, it's just a bad day today. Ya, it is. FML.
Oh, and btw, Happy 10-10-10.

Are you available?

Wanna go out.. It's Friday :(

Happy Weekend to all!

Waiting for the Twilight..

Finally I finished reading Twilight yesterday.  I have seen all three movies, but I hadn't read the series.  And, like always, it turned out to be much better than the movie.  (Only now I had the faces and knew almost all their expressions.. too obsessed I guess!
Finishing the book left me in a good mood, all dreamy..  Moments before I actually slept, I was laying on my bed, my eyes closed and I felt like I was floating..  I wasn't sleeping but I was already dreaming. Oh, I wish so much to have that dreamy feeling every day.  I was beautiful, and romantic too.
P.S. I miss you!

A 'quote' come true!

There's a quote that I have read like hundreds of times before, but never did I seem to agree with that.  And, strange it may sound, right now it's the quote I believe in the most. 
I guess, that's just life.  Changing all the time.
Oh, I forgot to quote the quote.  Here it is:  "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." mm.. and I think that says all.

Guest Blogger: Aubrey

Keep Your Coins...I Want Change

First and foremost, i'd like to introduce myself... I'm Aubrey from "Made You Blush" My posts are a little different than most... But i believe it is our words in which speak truths... Make us unique & let us enjoy each others company. Happy reading!!!

There comes a time...a moment in our lives... {for some it comes sooner than others} When we seek change...wanting difference... To travel down a new road & explore the unknown.

To change doesn't necessarily mean you've done wrong... It means that you're ready for a new beginning... Ready to get your feet wet & grow from your past.

May "change" always be in your life... For if we continue to evolve & create ourselves... We can change the future...OUR FUTURE!!!

"Things do not change...we change." - Henry David Thoreau