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Am I back? Yes! With end-July Update

It's been so long since my last post here.  (I am not even gonna look, 'coz I know it's been like ages.)  And I don't know why.  It's not like I have been super-busy.  Yeah, I have been busy, but busy enough to forget writing!  That's no good, right?
Okay, I'll be honest.

My personal life has been flipping upside down,  for months now.  And maybe that's why.  Although I think the pain should have actually made me write more.  Don't you think?

Should we start again? Okay, here's a look into my life right now:
Feeling: happy yet sad; I am sappy
Loving: that things are looking up, at least for now
Reading: nothing. And I hate that!
Wanting: that safe and secure feeling back, and this extra weight gone. Soon! Really soon!
Dreaming: that life's moving forward, and good things are happening.
Having: Blueberries
Waiting: for thegood days, and my three week summer vacation too!

How about you?