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Facebook again impresses me.

They say about me : You are Naina from Kal Ho Na Ho - "Seem to come off like a young angry woman, but truly your just protecting your self. You like to protect everyone and everything around you, mostly family. Like to keep to your self, a shy and quiet girl. And you hide that romantic side because you dont like anyone to see the sensitive/emotional side of you. But when someone gets to know you your true colours show, they see the best colours of the rainbow."

Again right yaar. How can they be so right everytime!!

I wish I was a kid again

I don't want to grow up anymore. Its no fun at all. Rather, I want a rewind buton in life so that I can go back to the beautiful old days. Tension free days. Happy days. Growing up is not living. Its fighting. Fighting for survival. Fighting to make livelihood. Fighting to get a life. And in the end of this fight, life ends. Oh God! I'm too stressed. Worries and worries are all I have nowadays. For future. For life. Its killing the present. I don't know what's the main element of this disturbance, but its getting too much to bear. Its giving me a constant headache. Nothing really interests now. Always I'm distracted. Mind's wandering around. I feel terrible these days. I know there's no way out. But, I'm not liking this at all.


I always love to make gifts and goodies for the ones I love, the ones who are dear to me. All I need for it is a feel to do something for them and make them feel very special. Then ideas come on their own. And once I get started, I am fully engrossed in making the best of it. Till the end, my intention is to keep adding and improving to make the thing best possible, so that my friend receiving it is happy to have it.

I love to create memories. Memories through which my friends can remember me and keep me with them through their lifetime. For me, my gifts are the best expression of my feelings and love for the other person. I make those things with my whole heart into them. It can be anything- some collage, card, scrapbook, video or anything. Whatever it is, its full of my love.

But the only trouble with me is that when I put all my love and efforts into it, I start expecting for some kind of loving response and appreciation. But the other person usually forgets this or neglects this. Re…

Facebook Says...

You are The Sweetie! You are very sweet, genuine person, who never wants to see people hurting. You are everyone's friend, and you are happy to be such. You are very attractive, even if not physically, you have a beautiful spirit. Unfortunately, you tend to be the one who gets hurt. Guard your heart and try not to get your sensitive feelings hurt.

So true!


They have another Love Quote for me :

"If I say I HATE YOU, it really means that I LOVE YOU."

OMG! They are right again.

Too fast OR Too slow ??

Yesterday, after I came out of the examination hall, waiting for others to finish theirs and come out so that we can rush back to home city, a thought came to my mind...
I was thinking about the first day when I had stepped into this college- 8th Aug 2005. And today it's 2nd June 2009. Four years. Long time. And while going through these years, I always found it LONGER. These four years are unforgettable part of life. They have witnessed the biggest transformation in me. From an innocent dumb to an aware person. These years gave me the worst times, hardest lessons, cruel realities, and what not.

But I can't be so ungrateful. They also gave me the best gift of my life too, that I'll keep, love and cherish for the lifetime. :o) Rest everything I want to erase of tear off from my book of life. I miss being dumb, quiet; like I was before I came here. But, whatever I might say, I was supposed to face this all 'coz I had to learn a LOT of lessons to face the world.
And as they …

The Quote representing my Life..

"How much do I love thee,
Let me count the ways"