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Quote for the day #9

"Don't waste your timeenvying others. You never really know how messed uptheyreally might be."

Say it!

Have a good day!
(I am taking a little break. I'll be back soon)

Quote for the day #8

“There is 
an optical illusion
every person 
we meet.” 
- Emerson

Love #8

"You are the sky, 
I am the sea,
you are the one
who colors me."

Happy Weekend

I am looking forward to  having a good time this weekend, along with some good amount of studies, as I have my exams soon.

By the way, today also was a good day.
I went for Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani; good movie with great company.
And in the evening, we played lost and found- as car keys got lost.
Though we wasted quite some time on it, it was pretty funny!

(my latest click)

Happy weekend!

Smiles to you

Good morning lovelies!

Some random pictures.

(poor jealous cupcake)

(let me put a smile on your face)


(he he.. this one's very funny)

(oh! i don't know)

(which nose u want?)

I hope these pictures put a smile on your face!
Have a great Monday.

To MY Gang Of Girls

This is the article I read in newspaper. I couldn't help but quote the whole of it here for my lovelies.


I  love them. I share every smile and tear with them and quite frankly my life would be less meaningful without them. I am referring to my ‘gang of girls’, the wonderful group of four friends, who make my every day and everything I do so much more exciting and memorable! As with most things, the relationship that we girls share with our friends, is hugely different from the way boys connect. Having seen both types of relationships, I have to admit that I am so glad (among a million other reasons) to be a part of the fairer sex... we just have so much more fun! So, in continuation of the Sister Series and in recognition of every ‘gang of girls’ in the universe, I’m penning some reasons why this special collection of friends makes life so... well... special!  With the girls... no pretence is needed. You can just be wh…

Love #7

"Who do youturn to 
the onlyperson in the world 
that can 
stop you from crying,
 is exactly the one 
making you cry?"

Not Well

I am not well :(
Down with fever, cough and cold. I hate this the most! Adding to this misery, even the medicines don't suit me. :((

Monthly update

Updating again, as the month starts.  (Sorry, I am a bit late)
Feeling: Happy Loving: Being with myself. Reading: The monk who sold his Ferrari. Wanting: To study :( Dreaming: Of getting back on my feet Having: Coffee. Waiting: For exams. What about you guys?

Where are my scribbles?

I feel from past few weeks, my blog is becoming more of a quote blog. This not what it was supposed to be! I never thought of any fixed format for my posts, but I have been not writing recently. (thus, posting quotes only) Because of two reasons: 1. Lack of time. 2. Super-slow internet speeds.
Hope I'll be back soon to my scribblings.. Lots of love to my lovely readers.

Love #6

"No relationship is perfect,
There are always some ways
you have tobend, 
to compromise, 
to give something up 
in order to gain something greater...
The love
wehave for each other 
is bigger 
than these small differences.
that's the key. 
It's like a big pie chart,
and the lovein a relationship
has to be the biggest piece.
Love can make up for a lot."
- Sarah Dessen 

Award time

I want to thank Farah for giving me this award. 
(My second award)

And it makes me super happy.
I know I have been a bit late with this post,
but had been very busy with few things around.
But as they say, 'better late than never'.

So, now I have to list out seven things about myself that no one knows
and proceed to tag seven others.
So here goes!
1. I always wanted to be an artist - photographer, dancer or painter.
2. I am kind of addicted to Coke and I just can't resist Pizzas. Such a foodie I am!
3. I am very fond of collecting colored pens, paper and crayons.
4. I just love head massage. Its the best way I think to get relaxed!
5. I am a very shy person, especially in the first meetings I can turn out to be someone totally quiet all through.
6. I love kids but I just don't know how to be with them. So, everybody thinks otherwise!
7. I secretly wish to write my own book someday.

I'd pass on this award to:
HeidiRohit, Aubrey, Kay, WhitneyNicole, Sara
And RULES for you g…

Quote for the day #7

"It doesn't matter
how wonderful or exotic your surrounding are, 
if the peoplewith you
aren't very nice." 
-Carole Matthews