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Happy New Year

"As this year draws to an end, I want to thank all the special people who touched my life with their love and care, and made my life more meaningful."

And I wish everyone a great year ahead.
May this year shower upon you loads of love, happiness and success,
plus all that you wish for.
I hope that you always be with your loved ones.

to all.

Bye 2009

   I am sorry to say, but I hate you.
   And it's not my fault.
   You have been very harsh on me, since the very start.
   You broke both my feet.
   You took away my friends, (so called friends now.)
   You messed up all my plans.
   You have made me a useless unemployed person.
   You made me put on so much weight.
   You made me feel so lonely.
   You were just too bad.
   You took a lot from me.
   I really really hate you.
   Go away.
   Don't come back again, ever!

Struck by Insomnia

Its so late at night, and I have no hint of sleep. I want to sleep, but I can't.
Maybe it's this computer, maybe not! Maybe something else. Maybe it's my wait for nothing that doesn't let me sleep. But I want to sleep.

Wise Wednesday

“It’s difficult
to ever go back
to the same places or people. 
You turn away,
even for a moment,
and when you turn back around,
everything’s changed.”
— Gabrielle Zevin, Elsewhere

Lovely Sunday

“In the end, 
nothing we do or say 
in this lifetime 
as much as
the way 
we have loved one another.” 
— Daphne R. Kingma

My 100th post

I never thought that this will go so long.
Today its my 100th post, with 75 followers.
And this makes me happy happy happy!
Love you my readers, all credits to you!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you! Wish you all a great time with family and friends.
I wish none of us is alone this day. May Santa hear everyone's wishes. Have fun!

Wise Wednesday

"Every single person  has at leastone secret that would break your heart. If we could just remember this, I think there would be a lot more compassion and tolerance in the world."  -Frank Warren

Lovely Sunday

a thousand lifetimes
— Tyler Knott Gregson

Picture Perfect Friday

Aren't they cute?

Good Good Day

I had a great day today. After such a long long time. Went for Lunch, then a Movie, followed by Hot Coffee. We had great fun and clicked pictures. The coffee shop had put a beautiful Christmas tree in their shop. I loved it, and thus I took the seat under it. Isn't it beautiful?

Thursday Quote

“Have a heart
thatnever hardens, 
thatnever tires,
a touch 
thatnever hurts.”
-Charles Dickens

Facebook and ME!

Weird relation, isn't it?

But, I am seriously obsessed with Facebook now days.
Not because of chatting or messaging,
but because of 4 applications by Zynga games.
Here, I am listing them in order of preference (by me of course)
1. Cafe World
2. Pet Ville
3. Farm Ville
4. Fish Ville

Initially, I started these application when my brother made me do so, just as he could have one more neighbor for himself in these games. I didn't really care to visit these applications till the day I was really unwell and was in bed all day. So, to kill time, I started these, and now I just can't stop. Especially Cafe World. I just love this virtual cafe of mine :)
But, sadly, it ( along with my farm, fish and pet) is taking much of my time which I should be putting into other important things!
'I need to stop', I tell myself but I am usually thinking of what time the food will be cooked in my virtual cafe so that I go and serve it to my customers. What time my crop will ripen so that I go and ha…

Love #9

“Cinderella walked on broken glass.
Sleeping Beauty let a whole lifetime pass.
Belle fell in love with a hideous beast.
Jasmine married a common thief.
Ariel walked on land for love and life.
Snow White barely escaped a knife.
It was all about blood, sweat, and tears,
Love meansfacing your biggestFEARS.”