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I am tired.

I cannot concentrate on anything. I cannot study. I cannot think. I cannot sleep. I cannot do anything. I am aways heavy headed and spaced out. I am so tired of this sickness. Its too much now. Please end it God. Please.

It is easier said than done.

Why do 'people' say or claim things, when they never can fulfill them? Why do 'they' promise, why 'they' show hopes? For 'them', all of it might be just words said to be forgotten later But it raises expectations and hopes for someone, and 'they' don't even care. Why is life so unfair? Why is it not the same to both sides? Why there is always only one who has to let go things, forgive, forget, and again hope, expect;
 and why all of it goes on in a cycle for that someone? People go their way, as they wish to and want to do. Why 'they' don't keep their words? Why 'they' see everything so irrelevant and meagre? Why 'they' don't treat it all equal? Why is life so unfair?