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write love — The Power Of Song

My brother and I have always had trouble getting along - the typical story of many a pair of siblings. When he was very little (and I not much older), I would dictate the games, decide on the characters, and in essence boss him around so much that to this day, he expects that of me. My behavior as a child has definitely shaped our current relationship in a negative way, but over the past year, we have become so much closer than we’ve ever been, with the help of something that’s been in our lives as long as we can remember: music.
My brother is a pianist, with perfect pitch and an incredible memory for notes, though his grasp on theory and sight reading is not so strong. I am the exact opposite - with firm technique and fluent note reading, my difficulty in transposition is not such a problem. When we play together, we fill in each other’s gaps, and the music transforms us into a team that works brilliantly. From 70s rock music to musicals to Mozart, we can play anything and everythin…

Hello December

Feeling: tired, but happy
Loving: the bloggers joining me to write love
Watching:Parks and Recreation
Eating: Cooked vegetables and Tofu
Waiting: for Christmas, and the big vacation ahead.

How about you, scribblers?

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