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Transient Tuesdays: The wind of change is blowing

Transient Tuesdays: Change is scary, but not as scary as staying the same

“Be content and don’t complain or commit to change.”
These Holy Spirit words are on repeat in my heart and soul.  He spoke them to me with the softness of a mother’s touch.  His words were meticulously planned out. Stern in His voice but tender with his touch his words penetrated my marrow.  My heart leaped even at the thought of what would happen if I committed to change.  How different could my life look like if I committed to change my ways?
Take a moment and think with me.  What would happen if we committed to change?   The 5k that seems so impossible would be possible.  The relationship, which is disintegrating, might slowly start mending.  The job promotion is now possible because you changed your work ethic.  The unmanageable house is now at least tidy, because you keep a routine cleaning schedule.  The weight loss is actually happening, because you changed your diet and exercised.  Your spiritual life is now bursting with new life and newfound passion, because you reprioritiz…

Hello July!

Feeling: excited for the long weekend.. Vegas baby!
Loving: my new car
Reading: not a lot, all thanks to busy schedule lately
Wanting: a dresser for my room 
Dreaming: of festivities and celebrations
Having: eggs and oatmeal
Waiting: for the next payday 

How about you scribblers?

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