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My encounter with God

Yesterday, after a long boring day at work, I was walking towards the bus stop when a man on sidewalk was kind of calling out me, “Ma’am! Excuse me ma’am.” Usually I do not answer to people like that because most of them are just homeless people around asking for money. I feel bad saying no to them, but at the same time I know my money won’t help them in any way- they are not going to buy food, they’ll just spend it on drugging themselves. So, I choose to walk by ignoring them. But, yesterday the man didn’t stop calling out, he had actually gone to yelling at me. So I turned back, and he said, “God bless you. That’s all I want to say, God bless you.” He walked away, and I stood there in shock. I could barely bring myself to say a thank you. It’s been a day, and I am still wondering about the most oddly unsettling incident. I don’t understand why I still can’t take it in. Is it because the world has made me so harsh, that any nice gesture comes with a baggage of suspicion? Nobody ever…

Soul mates

People meet.  Fall in love.  Sometimes it works out;  sometimes it doesn't.  But in the end we do meet someone we think we can spend the rest of life with.  Is that person your soul mate?
I often feel that this term 'soul mate' is used very loosely. People fall in love or marry someone, and that person is automatically designated as their soul mate. Maybe, for some, that person is their soul mate but I find it really hard to believe that everyone ends up with their soul mates. This thought has been pondering my mind for quite some time now, and I have even had a few conversations with friends. All of them seemed to have the same general definition- someone who shares your likes, someone who loves you despite all, someone you can spend life with, etc. and hence their partners are their soul mates. I can’t say if they are not; it’s not my place to be doing that. But, to me soul mate is something much greater than this. We find a lot of people in life we love- family, friend…

Most important things..

Sleep: Over the last months of hectic schedules I realized the value of sleep in my life. I just can’t function if I don’t get a good sleep.Food: Like everyone else, being hungry makes me cranky. So, to be a normal person I need to be regularly fed. (Even better if someone else does that for me.)Love: If there’s no one to share it with, all happiness seems worthless. It’s a blessing to have someone who loves you with your flaws.Freedom: I just cannot take orders. I have to make my own mistakes, go with my gut, in anything that I do. Decisions are hard for me, I might ask for help, but in the end I have to be the one making them to be at peace.Friends: They are the backbone of life, supporting you constantly even when you don’t realize their presence.Writing: A few days go without writing anything, and I start feeling restless. That’s how important it is for me to write something, anything. I might not even publish it, but I do need some time with my pen and paper.Money: Like every per…

Miles to go..

I was sitting in office, looking at the calendar on my desk where I cross off a day each morning and I say a full month crossed out. I didn't even realize it’s been over a month on this internship. Seems like yesterday when I was stressing over not getting an interview or worrying preparing for interviews. I thought this will be a long internship, seven months does seem to be a long time. But, looking at the pace of time, I think it will be over before I know. And that does not give me a good feeling, I need time to slow down a bit so I can make more of it. I need this month to go slow so I can achieve the things I want to before it ends. There’s so much I have to do, along with fighting my procrastinating habits. I want to go on trips before summer ends and almost everything closes down. I want to get closer to my personal goals. I want to learn and grow. And I want time to think about my project before I really have to, so that I don’t end up in a stressful situation. So much to…

My angel and devil

Whenever I think of going to the gym, these two voices appear in my head. Since we have grown up watching TV and movies, in my mind they both have a face- angel and devil

One of them tells me all the right things like why I need to do this, why I started, that I’ll regret if I won’t go, it’ll feel good in the end etc. 

The other one, who never lets the right one finish, shows me my bed, cup of tea at home, me sitting and relaxing at home and all kinds of tempting food. 

I am sure almost everyone has a fight with themselves at times like these (for me, it is every time.) But, the biggest problem with me I think is the face of the voices. The right one looks like a devil to me, and makes me repel everything he says. I really need to work on switching these faces to be able to move ahead, any tips for me?

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Mid-July update!

Feeling: tired, sad and lonely
Loving: the people in my life
Reading: nothing
Wanting: unrealistic things
Dreaming: of another trip really soon
Having: orange juice
Waiting: for next weekend.

How are you doing?

Things I learned this week..

People always act at their own convenience. When they need, they'll reach you to get what they want and after they are done they might not even bother to keep basic decency to let you know how it worked out. Even the people you hold closest can do that to you, so just try not getting attached to it. If you want to, give out your experiences as free advice but remember to not expect back.Thinking too much leads to nothing. There are so many everyday things you will have to do no matter what, so instead of feeling bad about all the time that they take up, just accept them as a part of your day and move on to savor the little time you have for yourself.Always get refundable tickets and bookings, even if they cost a little more.Expecting from others affects only you. Try to remember that.A little self-push is good sometimes. Socializing can be awkward for some, but it’s not bad once you give yourself that little push. Just try to get rid of your inhibitions, because you are the only o…