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Pretty little things

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Have a great weekend!

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This weekend is a hectic one for me—lots to do. Travelling, moving, settling into new place.
(Overwhelmed at just the thought of it.)
Wish you all a lazy weekend. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Make some space for YOU

Yesterday I spent a good hour on going through my reading list on Blogger to find out most of those bloggers had already moved to different addresses or had just stopped writing. It made me sad to see that most of the initial bloggers I followed when I started writing have stopped writing. I am sure they have moved on to better things, but nostalgia isn't pleasant. So, I decided to clean up my reading list and ended up unfollowing two-thirds of them. It was hard. But, I don't think any of them were coming back so I chose to make space for new ones! Any suggestions for me?
Then I went on to packing, which is another hard thing for me to do. I love everything I have and not being able to fit it into my luggage is painful. I have to either throw it, donate it, or just leave behind in hope of getting it later. At moments like this, I think I just shouldn't buy things because goodbyes are just too damn hard. I have two bags already, and two I am leaving behind to get later, an…

Finding some gratitude in me

Sometimes, life beats you down repeatedly and it is very hard to find something to feel good about. No matter how hard you look, your vision is just clouded with the struggle and its effects. Such has been the past few weeks for me.

We plan. We hope. But life isn't a promise. I hoped to make this year about me, to be a little selfish, to do things for myself. Turns out, life had other plans.  January is almost over and nothing so far has been about me. So, what can you do. Cry. Pick a fight. Distract with TV. Drink. Turn into a super sloth and a ball of gloom. I am sick of myself. So, this morning, I decided to force myself into finding some good. It has been hard. I am coming up blank. Still, giving a shot at finding gratitude! 

I am thankful for: The anticipation: Next week I'm moving to a new city. New apartment, my own space. *excited*No cooking: I hate cooking, and I love the takeouts over past weeks. Might have loved eating out more, but eh!Friends: They literally pick y…

I am thankful for

Blogging:Took a lot of effort to bring myself back here but looks like finally I am.My roommate:After all, who doesn't love tea! (I am in complete denial about the fact that I have to move out tomorrow. Gonna miss her!)No schedule:Sleeping at 4 am, waking up after noon. Loving every minute of it!Packing done:I hate packing, and the fact that I am close to done is an achievement.Sunshine:always makes me happy.Money:Since I'm moving out I have been selling out all my stuff and who doesn't love cash in hand!Free air: Nobody nagging me, telling me what to do or how to do (for most part). Dunno how long its gonna last but it feels so good.
What are you thankful for?

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You are your own enemy

Why do you have to give importance to everyone and everything, but yourself?  And, just because you make someone important, does not mean you mean the same to them.  Still, you would expect the same from them, and then no one is at fault but yourself.  You put yourself up for disappointments. You are the reason why you get hurt. You are the reason why people treat you the way they do.  You are the enemy you have.

How I wish..

No matter how much you want,  you just can't bring the time back.  How I wish I could!  Just one day,  so I could give it another chance. 

A little wish, this day

Everything is different  when I look back. One year, million heartbreaks, dark shadows I see,  so I choose to look another way. Maybe there is a light somewhere. I will keep walking forward towards that unknown with faith in heart. I could be wrong but I choose that in my hope for my dreams. I close my eyes and see a smile, a blessing, a guardian angel. Always there through everything. Dear angel, I just have one wish today to have my only wish come true.

Hello, new year!

I've been wanting to write, but at the same time I feel so tired and distracted. So, in the end, all I come up with is this usual list of mine. 
Feeling: tired

Loving: the lazy days

Reading: nothing, apart from some quotes and blogs

Wanting: for life to get better

Dreaming: about my new apartment

Having: headache

Waiting: for some news about my new job

How about you?