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A little Update!

Feeling: frustrated, yet hopeful.. I hope it doesn't go wrong.
Loving: A little free feeling (the reason is unknown)
Reading: Blogs about technologies for my project
Wanting: internship. Want it so bad.
Dreaming: of working on an internship for summer and fall, and then going back home in December
Having: water
Waiting: to hear back from the recruiters. *fingers crossed*
How are you doing?

What's the rush?

I was walking back to my apartment and I looked around to see beautiful flowers starting to bloom. And suddenly it hit me: how damn busy are we? I have been running up and down the same paths everyday, and yet it took me days to realize how beautiful it is getting around. 
What is so wrong with almost everyone around? We have calendars full of things to do, meetings and deadlines. And we are just missing out everything that makes life, well, life. It took an extremely beautiful sunny day to make me realize that just pace in life cannot bring peace. We need breaks and slow downs, and so much more to life. We need to breathe.
So, the question is: Why are we rushing?

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