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7 ways to make your day better

Hello scribblers,

Happy Monday.. Although if you are anything like me, Mondays aren't really happy- I am still on the weekend times and waking up early is never fun. But, that doesn't mean we can't make the best of it. 

Here are a few things that make my day better. Maybe they can make yours better too!

Call a friend: I know we are all busy and it's sometimes hard to catch up with the work hours, time differences etc. But, give it a shot. Even a short conversation will brighten your day.
Play with a puppy: If I were back home, I'd be doing that all day. But, sadly I cannot right now. If you have a dog, go snuggle with them. Or just play with your neighbor's dog for a while. It's an instant happy dose.
Doodle: If you have a long day, especially one with meetings, grab a small notebook and pen and start doodling. You can still listen to what's going on in the meeting while still improving your mood. In fact, some researches show doodling also helps you focus…

Thankful Thursday

'Thank you' is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding. — Alice Walker

I believe in gratitude. I believe in saying thanks- It brings joy to heart and makes us feel blessed for our life and everything in it, which we take for granted most of them times. With so much stress at work and in relationships, it gets harder and harder to see any good. We need to make giving gratitude a practice, a little prayer to say before we doze off each night. I use my blog to share my gratitude for life with you, and today, I am thankful for:
Blogging:I am getting back to blogging after over a month now, and it did take a little push to make myself sit and write again, but I am glad to be back.
Trips: I have two trips planned for coming months- Portland for the long weekend, and Seattle for my birthday. I am so excited, and am loving the planning!
Saturday Nights: A night out is all I need, with drinks of course, to …

Hello August — a monthly update

Feeling: bad for not blogging regularly, and also for summer plans getting cancelled.
Loving: planning weekends, trips and other things!
Reading:the lover's dictionary
Wanting: new exciting things at work, and a clutter-free home
Dreaming: of the Christmas vacation, because that's when I get to go home!
Having: Chobani Oats Yogurt
Waiting: for my birthday- it's still far but I am already excited about it.

How about you scribblers?

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