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Things I wanna do in Spring break

In a week, I will be done with exams and my Spring break will start. So I think I should make a little list of goals for that. (I don't wanna end up feeling I did nothing in the break.)

1. Road trip to Connecticut and Boston. Yeah! That's the plan for now.. Visiting the places with my friends for the weekend when break starts..
2. LinkedIn and Resume. I have to start looking for internships for summer. So, I have to have a good resume and profile.
3. Apply for internships. Really want one!
4. Cook. I don't get any time with college to do so.. Want to cook something new.
5. Go for the 5 hours driving class. Want to get a driving license as soon as I can.
6. Buy a book and read it. It's been a long time now since I read one.
7. Lastly, get proper rest & good exercise! The race will start again for three months after that week.
I can't wait.. :o)