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I want to . .

... be a morning person so that i can wake up before anyone else does, and have few moments of peace.
... lose weight again so that I can make people shut up about it.
... have a new gang so that I don't put all my eggs in one basket.
... travel alone so that I can enjoy and write my experiences.
... study well so that I can feel good about myself again.
... get healthier so that I never have to be hospitalized again.
...stop thinking so much so I can stay happier and focus on what's important.

I am thankful for

1. A fun birthday dinner. Though it didn't go as was planned,  it still turned out to be a lot of fun.
2. Phone calls. Talking to almost all my friends, and my family, it makes me happy.
3. One less assignment to do. Always a good news.
4. Less stress.  Good sleep.
5. Gifts Now I get good music, and great pictures.
6. Starting gym again. I better keep going now.
7. Starting writing again.  I wanna keep doing it always.
What are you thankful for?

My new camera!

This birthday, I gifted myself a camera :)  So, now I'll let pictures do the talking.
The first shot
Random click!
View from my window.. I love fall.
Birthday gift :)
My birthday cake :)
Weekday means nothing else open till Midnight!
I love fall colors!

Happy Weekend guys.. Go out and click pictures!

My silver jubilee!

Today is my birthday; my silver jubilee. And for the first time in my life, I don't feel happy on this day. To think about it, it was a long birthday (like a long weekend) this time, if I start counting from the first birthday wish. An old friend of mine, who now lives in Australia was the first one to wish me, and that was yesterday morning. So, my birthday started almost one whole day before it started here. Other wishes kept coming as the earth kept rotating through all means - Facebook, Whatsapp, phone calls.. So, doesn't this mean I should be feeling extra special this time? But, I don't. I just don't. I feel lonely. For the first time, I don't have my family or friends around me; at least one of them was there always. Also, there was no birthday cake. I mean, what is a birthday without a cake? Never before did it hit me like it did today, how much I need the people I grew up with- my family and my friends, who were there to celebrate the occasions of my life…

Questioning everything around me!

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just don't get the results. And, you just start to question everything- question your goals, question your abilities, question life!  That's how this week has been for me.. I know, in just two days into the week, I feel like shit already! I really can't have any more bad news now. I try so hard, putting efforts into my work, and then I just do something dumb that just blows off the whole thing. And I hate that I am so lazy! I wanna-be one of those workaholic people, who don't need to eat or sleep or take breaks. Just do what they have to do!!

Anybody got any advice? I'm getting tired of failing now.

Things I learned in last one year!

A lot changed for me in last one year. I moved to a new place and met new people, and I had all good-bad experiences.. But, I am happy for this change, 'coz it taught me a lot.. And here are a few things, that I think are lifetime lessons for me.. Some of them I still am working on, and I hope to grow better and learn more.
1. Be extrovert and outgoing.If you aren't those, you are kinda screwed. Yes you'll still survive but isn't it good to have friends, and have fun.
2. Keep in touch with the loved ones. Life changes, and all of us go in different directions, but those random phone calls and Facebook messages revive the old memories, and make you feel special and wanted. Never lose the ones who matter to you, and more importantly the ones to whom you matter. Life is easy when you have someone to count on.
3. Learn to be on your own. Life's unexpected. It disappoints sometimes. And you should be able to gather yourself on your own, and just move on.
4. Give your 100%.…