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Monday Blues??

Many times, across so many blogs, and articles, I have read about Monday Blues. But today I wonder if it is true for me.. Is it? No. Because I am having the 'Monday Blues' every day of week. Past whole month is practically 'blue' for me.
1. Hectic long hours at work
2. Even more hectic long travelling hours
3. Hunt for a house
4. No rest, even on weekends
5. Stressed all time

Tired of this, I hope things get settled real soon now.

I love Fridays

Fridays were always there, but I never really felt the joy of this day until now. After a whole week of hectic schedules and tiring work, Friday is a little special. Firstly, it brings a weekend following it. And secondly, here we have to wear formals all week, except Friday when we are allowed to be in my favorite jeans and tees. And this Friday, I am a little extra happy for I am hoping for a good weekend ahead... Plus, (don't tell anybody) I am going to bunk office on Monday! :) I'll be on leave I mean.
Have a happy weekend!

Not to the heart

"If you really love someone, the distancemattersonly to the mind, not the heart!"

I will always keep falling in love with you.

As we grow oldertogether, As we continue to changewith age, There is one thing that will never change. . .
I will always keep falling in love with you.
-Karen Clodfelder
It's just a short reminder to all of you working so hard in life. We should not let time slip through our fingers without having spent some time with those who really matter to us, those close to our hearts. Do remember to share that Rs.50 worth of your time with someone you love.

If we die tomorrow, the company that we are working for could easily replace us in a matter of hours. But the family & friends we leave behind will feel the loss for the rest of their lives……………..

I just said an Oxymoron

Hello readers,

Thanks to my latest follower EmmyLou..

Like every day, I am sitting at my office, with no work at all. Feeling useless, and wondering how unpredictable and confused we humans are. If we get work, we get stressed and frustrated thinking of it as an overdose. If we don’t get work, we feel useless and get bored every moment. We never seem to be satisfied with what we have. Always looking at the other side of grass, that only seems greener. But, grass is the same each side. It’s just out mind that makes it appear less or more green. But, does that mean, if I get work or even if I don’t get work I’ll be feeling the same- not happy kind of feelings. Sometimes I wonder I stepped into a wrong boat, and now the sails are opposing the direction of winds. Well, maybe I’m wrong. I hope, this turns out to be a good experience. Oh, I just said an oxymoron – good experience!!

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Only that I wish . . .

“People so seldom say I love you And then it's either too late or love goes. So when I tell youI love you, It doesn't mean I know you'll never go, Only that I wish you didn't have to.”


Hey friends,
Guess what!
I am sitting in office and blogging!!!

Previously, I always found that on any system this site was blocked.
So, I stopped even checking.

Today, randomly I typed blogger and hit Ctrl+Enter, and it said Login!!!

I am so happy. I hope this continues working...

And I'll keep writing :)