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Life of me.

Happy New Year

2013 is here.. I won't lie that I wasn't looking forward to the world ending in December, but sadly didn't happen. So, gotta move on! And like almost every one does every year, I am also gonna make a list of things I wanna do this year. Things that are not exactly some goals or resolutions, because let's face it, that never lasts. I just want to do a few things, make some changes in myself for better, and maybe achieve something.
 This year I want to... ...get fitter, and stronger. ...learn to relax and not worry about all the bullshit. ...stop pushing everyone away, and make friends. ...stop putting others ahead of me. committed to myself and my decisions. ...keep in touch with people more than I did till now. ...just be happy, and stay happy, no matter what happens. more, write more. ...make more time for myself, just myself. ...learn to be more patient, and make peace with things I have no control over.
I know it all sounds kinda unrealistic, and I know I won…