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A movie weekend

I went to see Madagascar 3 on Friday night; It was like just another Madagascar movie. I like the first two better than this one. But the good thing is I love animated movies, so I enjoyed this one too. 
I just love those animals!
I also went to see Barfii on Saturday. It was like the most awaited Bollywood movie of the year. And I just loved the portrayal of characters and innocent love. I want love like that.
And I watched One Day on my laptop..
I cried.

This weekend was totally a movie weekend for me.  Of course with lots of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. time, but that's usual. I am such an addict.  I really didn't do anything else, and now I feel bad for that because I really had lots of work to do and I kept procrastinating the whole time, so this week is gonna be damn hard!
I plan to go see Corning Museum next weekend, no movies. What are your plans?