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Transient Tuesdays: Create change

Imagine a world where everything remained unchanged. That would mean no age, no time, no movement and of course no development. If you ask me, I see no difference between death and remaining static.

When was the last time you did something new? 
How long have you been sticking to a routine and disregarded the idea of doing something new for a change? Is any of your bad habits causing you pain? 
You realize you have to change but simply can't bring yourself to do it?  
Do you fear changing will jeopardize your present circumstances?

I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to these questions.
The fact that you're reading this means you want to take the steps and turn your life around. You must be aware how important change is to our survival.

Change is mandatory.
Change is constant.
Change is inevitable.
Change is everywhere and present in the most minute of things.
It's happening to you as you read this. So, why do we shy away from something so important? Why do we continuously resist change like it will do us more harm than good?

Changing oneself is often linked with negative traits such as arrogance, selfishness and pride. You must have noticed people sarcastically telling you, 
"Hey, you've changed, you are different” or “you don't know me anymore?" 
Change entails developing positive attitudes such like self confidence, loving oneself, doing what matters most to you, avoiding people pleasing and letting go of those who bring you down.
As a matter of fact, some do not approve of such changes as they look at your personal change in a negative manner.

As long as the change you undertake adds value to your life and those around you, avoid worrying what others think about you. 

If you're NOT content with who you are and wish to change, I don't see a problem with that. Be true to yourself, do what you must and live the life you want. 

Before I go any further, I'm happy to announce this is my first guest post, made possible thanks to Here I Scribble who is hosting Transient Tuesdays as a weekly feature on her blog. The theme is 'CHANGE'. 

Having gone through massive changes personally and professionally over the past few years, I couldn't think of anything better to share than my thoughts on how to embrace change. 

Let's dive right in. Shall we? 

1. Let go of your "know it all attitude"
You need to be honest with yourself on this one. 
Do you always act like you know it all, even if in your heart of hearts you are aware you don’t know what you think you know?
Well, you're standing as an obstacle in your own way. When you believe you know everything. You stop learning. You resist change because you don't believe you need to change. 

Let's imagine you're a manager of a recruitment company. You have a subordinate who points out loop holes in the way you coordinate jobs and suggests practical ways to fix this issue. You realize, your colleague’s suggestions make sense. But your ‘know it all’ attitude kicks in and you resist considering the suggestions. Who are you kidding here? 

Let go of your ego. The day you think you know, is the day you should know you know nothing at all.  

2. Take Baby steps
Has it hit home that you need to change a few things for your sake and for the sake of others? Does it feel overwhelming? It will feel so; if you're looking to change everything at one go. Nothing can be done properly if you rush. Take it slowly and steadily. Minor and major changes cannot happen in the blink of an eye. You need to be patient. Take small steps and make every step count. At the same time, try not to compare your progress towards change, with that of others or let anybody else influence your decision to make a change. You have the sole right to decide the direction you wish to take to reach your destination. 

3. Overcome your fear
What if I told 5 years from now, you'll find yourself exactly where you are now? 
Would you approve of that? I doubt it. 
Then why fear? I agree that change can be scary. But is it scarier than staying stuck, frozen in time? No. 

Resisting change simply because we are scared is such a waste of our precious lives. Try not to complicate things by over analyzing what lies ahead. Sometimes we just have to take the plunge. Remind ourselves that our fear is temporary, but the result of whatever it is we want to change will be long lasting and leave us with a sense of self-satisfaction. 

4. Don't be disheartened
You cannot be in control of all that happens to you. Making changes in one's life means, learning is taking place and sometimes mistakes are unavoidable. That may result in us getting knocked down a few times. Especially, if the change you want to make affects major areas of your life including people around you. Although, feeling disheartened at first is normal, try not to let that feeling stop you from doing what's best for you. Don't let disappointments seep into the nooks and crannies of your life. Step above it and take your next step towards change with enthusiasm, believing in yourself. 

5. Ask for support 
Whether it is change on a personal or professional level, having somebody to support you can make a world of difference. Imagine you're trying to stop procrastinating. What better way to do so than to have the support of a near and dear one to give you a push from time to time and help you stay on track? If you think you might need a helping hand, don't be ashamed or intimidated to ask for it. There are plenty of wonderful people out there who would be willing to help you.  Just ASK!

6. Shut the door on old bad habits 
As the idiom goes 'old habits die hard'. Unless you ditch those old bad habits that are holding you back, you cannot make place for habits that could potentially help you unleash the power within. Instead of forcing yourself to get rid of bad habits, substitute it with something you like. Find something you're passionate about. Something, you believe can help you stay away from those unwanted habits. Think hard and you'll soon find a new habit that will help you change and be a better version of yourself. 

7. It’s getting late
I am skeptical about the cliché "It's never too late", that's why I live life like there's no tomorrow. It's never too late, is overused and often makes people laze away. Yes, there are certain situations where it encourages us. But most often, I come across people giving themselves this false assurance they still have time and it makes them less productive. 

Stop whiling away precious time. The next hour isn't guaranteed. How can you trust the next few days, weeks, months or years? If you want to change you have to do it now.
I prefer thinking I have no time. It forces me to take action towards making my dreams come true. No excuses whatsoever.

8. Get ready to feel uncomfortable
Feeling uncomfortable and awkward from time to time is the price you pay when you adopt change. You will often find yourself in uncertain situations totally out of your comfort zone. You will have to literally push yourself to attempt the unknown. But don't let that dull down your will to change. Eventually you will get used to that uncomfortable feeling and work through your commitment to change your life. Are you ready?

9. Believe the best is yet to come
The change you make in your life today could possibly lead you somewhere you never expected to find yourself in. I literally changed 101 things about myself. I am now in a better position to do things I never thought possible.
Believe in yourself and believe good things are coming your way. As a fan of the ‘Law of Attraction’, I must add that you attract what you think. Try being optimistic and strongly expect good things to happen. Be positive!

10. Positive Affirmations
Affirmations have a way of encouraging us and rewiring our thought process. You can change the course of your life by writing down statements in relation to your goals and desires. Manifest your thoughts. Let's say, "I am successful", is your positive affirmation of the day. If you repeatedly tell yourself you are successful, while of course working towards it, your subconscious mind accepts it as the truth and attracts similar situations into your life.  

Try the following affirmations:-
Change empowers me.
Change makes my life interesting.
Change makes me feel alert and alive.
I attract all I want when I adopt positive changes.
The changes I bring in my life make me feel awesome.
I welcome change with more confidence and positivity.

It’s your turn. I leave it up to you to frame as many affirmations as you want, to help yourself embrace change. You may want to share a few with us or tell us how you embrace change. Looking forward to your comments!

Hema Unnoop is a happy wife, entrepreneur and motivational blogger at Cre8PositiveLife. She believes in being positive while being true to oneself. She aims to inspire and empower others create a positive life through her posts on happiness, courage, dreams, self development, success and all things positive. 

Send her some love at her Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

A big thanks to this very positive girl, for joining us in Transient TuesdaysNext week, on Transient Tuesdays, we have Cindy. Stay tuned to read more, scribblers!

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  1. Change really does empower we just have to be open and willing to let it happen! Great Post!! Thank you! xxx

  2. shutting the door on old habits is certainly easier said than done lol but you're right, positive affirmations are encouragement and that too can help get rid of those bad habits. One needs the other. I like this post, I try to incorporate small changes into my life as often as my mind allows me, it's good, keeps things fresh

  3. Thank you, this is such a good post. This last year and a half has been so full of heart wrenching changes. Thanks

  4. A very thoughtful and useful post by the popular guest, indeed the fear of comfort zone make you reluctant but once you step outside n embrace you'll love, thanx hema once again for proving your worth and inspiring with your beautiful thoughts, lots of love, tc :)

  5. This is a great post. Very thought out and so helpful! Change can be so hard but you've done a good job of helping everyone through difficult changes.

  6. LOVE this! Great quote at the beginning! Life gets better when we start changing things, it's no accident! Thanks for sharing this. Very insightful. xoxoxo, Kayla

  7. Congrats Hema for your first guest post. It is a wonderful feeling, isn't? It always takes a special space in our heart.
    Coming back to the post, you have raised an important issue. The quote by Jim says it all. We learn the meaning of life by changing only. We can't taste the magnificence of life by tasting the stagnant water of our journey. Nothing is permanent.
    To me, your first and fifth point are connected. We will not become small by asking for support. We just need to shed our ego to embrace the positvity from other people. I am taking away all the positive affirmations with this post.
    You have a lovely blog, Scribble team. You have shared lot of wonderful things.

  8. Hi Hema,

    Congratulations and celebrations on your first guest post :)

    I am SO glad you shared it with us at the ABC, which made me and the others come right here!

    That surely is a lovely post about change, and this is a wonderful series started by the Scribble team here.

    Yes indeed, change is constant, it will happen whether you like it or not, so always better to adapt yourself to it - be ready is what I'd say here.

    Many people don't like change, but if you change yourself for the better, it can only do you good. I know we've changed so much, especially our blog, from what it was to what it is now.

    I agree with all your points - you have to make an effort, move out of your comfort zone, think different, and be ready to take on the challenges, if you wish to change. Positive affirmations always help :)

    Absolutely! There is just NO place for any ego, as one learns along as one goes, and taking small steps is the way to proceed. We need ro remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, so anything new you try takes time to develop and grow - so keep the faith and have patience!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

  9. Hi Hema,
    Nice to be here today, i am here via Harleena's fb note, though I am a member at ABC i could not visit today, This is indeed a wonderful post, you brought out, yes, Oh My, can't even imagine or think of a changeless world! Instead we all are living in a changing world!
    Yes, change is inevitable and we need to accept it wholeheartedly sometimes it may give some kind of pain or sorrow or whatever you call. we need to accept it silently
    the other points too are worth reading and thought provoking too!
    Thanks for sharing
    Keep sharing
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

  10. Thanks Yatin, for your kind words :)

  11. Kristin - chaoticbeliefThursday, May 28, 2015 5:56:00 PM

    Great perspective, Hema!

  12. Hello Philip,

    Thank you for dropping your valuable comment here. I feel blessed that you thought of this post as being wonderful. Means a lot.
    I agree with you. Scary it is to think of the world being static. We so have to be grateful for change. It helps us experience all the various facets of life. We need sorrow to understand pain. We need to feel weakness to understand strength. We simply need to look at change positively.

    Thanks again for the love here Philip:) Wishing you a great weeekend ahead

  13. Hello Harleena,

    You might not believe this but I was really hoping to see your comment here. I guess since we've connected, I've been looking forward to all your comments on my posts. Thank you so much for taking time from your already busy schedule to read and drop some love for me and Here I Scribble here.

    Harleena I haven't seen the before of your blog but what it is now is AWESOME! What you and Vinay have created is mind blowing. Connecting so many people is an achievement in itself. YOU ARE CHANGING THE LIVES OF SO MANY. I am thankful to you for that. I truly admire for reiterating "there is just no place for any EGO!". For sure patience is key!

    Thank you so much once again Harleena. Your comment here means a lot to me.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  14. Dear Yatin,

    Thank you for the hearty wishes. It sure does. Here I Scribble will always remain very special to me and I am thankful for that.

    You honestly are so good at examining posts Yatin. How beautifully you connected points #1 and #5. I am blessed that I have come to connect with people like you who are perfect examples of what I have shared here. Be blessed Yatin.

    Thank you for your love at Here I Scribble:) Wish you a joyous weekend my friend

  15. Dear Valerie,

    While writing this post, I was actually trying my level best to include points that will help others and make a difference. I'm happy that you thought of it as helpful! Mission accomplished I guess:) Much love

    Thanks again and wish you a wonderful weekend:) Take care

  16. Dear Sanjay,

    Welcome to Here I Scribble my awesome friend. I'm happy to see your comment here. Haha......It's essential we learn to step out of our comfort zone and embrace the unknown which people don't realize is twice as much more exciting.
    Love to you too. Take care and have a great weekend:)

  17. Dear Rosevine,

    Thank you so much for your comment. My heart's swelling with so much love for you and all those who left their comments here. I'm truly happy that you embraced change although it might have felt really hard but I'm hoping you wil settle in soon and fasten up again for more changes in the future. All the best my dear.

    Take care. Wish you a happy weekend:)

  18. Dear Megan,

    I'm totally with you on that one. Easier said than done. I've had habits that were making me feel utterly miserable. It took me ages to get rid of them. But once done the feeling of joy and satisfaction that you enjoy from the result of ridding oneself from bad habits is just ever lasting. I love myself more and appreciate who I have become.

    It's good to know that you make small changes just as I mentioned with the baby steps. it's your life and it's up to you to decide how slow or how fast you want to make changes in your life.

    Thank you so much for your comment. Take care and wish you a wonderful weekend:)

  19. Dear Chrissy,

    I second that! Change will only make us stronger if we're willing to embrace it. Thank you so much for your love at Here I Scribble. Take care and wish you a lovely weekend:)

  20. Hey Hema, what a great post. Full of great ideas. Don't wait for change to force you into action, take it and work with it. How boring to think we would want the same thing in five years. I enjoyed the way you put it. I am always fearful of fear. When I see it anywhere in my life, I make a date with it. I prepare to face it head on. The outcome does not generally mean fear is gone, but I have taken steps towards the issue and it gives me actions to reflect on and improve.
    Congratulations on your first guest post. How very exciting and that is change, risk and laying yourself on the line.

  21. Hi Hema

    Wow! This is an awesome post and you are absolutely right about Change

    Change is constant and when one resists change he is heading towards death.

    Love your thoughts on how to embrace change. Time waits for no man so it is strange for one to think that there is time.

    I agree with the know all attitude. It never takes one anywhere. It makes you look a like a stereotype individual.

    Taking the plunge by embracing change will feel awkward and scary but it is worth the journey. As long as one takes baby steps and ask for help when necessary, the is always Joy and Fulfilment.

    Thanks for this awesome post Hema. Take Care

  22. :) Thanks Hema. You are very kind and special yourself.


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