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Transient Tuesdays: Don’t Be Afraid of Change


There are two types of people: those who fear change and those who actively pursue. I have always been an active pursuer of change, while my brother was not. I was the kid who changed my after school activity until I found what I really loved, with no fear at all. I was the one who changed my hair in middle school, who became a leader in a club during my freshmen year of high school, and who insisted on touring the country at 17. 

Change is a choice, and is an active endeavor. And so is not changing. We decide the direction our lives take, and we can either do so with fear or with confidence.

Making changes keeps life the way you want it, on the track you wish to take, and is completely you’re choice what to do, or not do. Change shouldn't scare you, because it’s a tool to help you make your life just the way you want. Although staying where you are is comforting, change can make you grow and improve your situation.

So go change your hair, your job, your city, or what ever soothes your soul, and do so with no fear, because it’s a choice for your betterment.


"I’m Michelle Anneliese, a college student in Sacramento. 
I write for Look Through My Lens, a blog about figuring out life as a twenty-something 
and the lessons I’ve learned along the way."

A big thanks to the lovely Michelle, for participating in Transient Tuesdays with us! Next week, on Transient Tuesdays, we have Kristin. Stay tuned to read more, scribblers!


  1. I love change! But I also love the comfort of the familiar. You may have just inspired me to change some things! Thanks lady :)

  2. Sometimes I think I like change too much. I am always looking forward to the next change. Right now i am itching for summer like you wouldn't believe!

  3. I think I'm somewhere right in the middle. When something isn't working, I'll change it (which I think is really different from giving up on it or leaving it behind), but I don't know that I actively pursue change just for the sake of it. But now I'm wondering if there are things that need changing up in my life!

  4. Beautiful!(: I've had to accept this lately,as I'm stepping in big new directions.Thank you for this encouragement,I needed it(:

  5. I've always been pitted in the middle of the two. I fret and worry over change, but recognize that change brings so many great things into my life. I try to strike a balance between the two - like moving somewhere abroad but then staying there a while and settling in. Or changing my hair :)

  6. I am totally fine with some change, as long as it is my choice. When it comes to my hair, however, I get really weird. I've got some major changes approaching on the horizon, so I would do well to keep this in mind. :)

  7. Change always makes me super anxious. I'm a control freak and when there's change that I can't control it gets me totally crazed.

  8. I've definitely always been someone who fears change. Each major transition I've gone through in life has been terrible stressful. In the time that I've been with my fiance, I've actually grown far more accepting of and excited for change.

  9. We thrive on change! It keeps your mind constantly challenged. I think I get bored staying on one job, location, place, etc.

  10. Thank you for sharing! I needed to read this today. I thrive off of change, but it is so easy to stay complicant as well.

  11. Love it... I've been actively pursuing change for so long, that sometimes now I forget how to be still. I wrote a post a while back about how I believe it's the inertia that will get you So glad to have found your blog.

  12. I'm in the process of changing my career. It's challenging, but very exciting!

  13. Thanks for stopping by, Mindy!

  14. I know what you mean; change can be scary sometimes, and hard too

  15. I agree.. I think I don't like change but anytime I get into a routine I am so bored that I need to change things around

  16. That's great, Erin! Change stresses me out too, but in the end it is always for better

  17. Are you me? lol.. I do the same. Even when I know change is for good, I can help but stress out

  18. haha.. I too am waiting for summer so there could be some vacation time and trips (aka change from the routine)

  19. It's always better to try first than to just give up!

  20. I am trying to change my career and it's a tough one. At times it seems easier to just stay where I am but then I realize it's not making me happy and what's the point of doing something day in and day out if you're not loving it? Great advice!

  21. Oh, I understand how scary it can be... Good luck :) In the end, you gotta love what you do!

  22. I really like how you tackle change. I do the same. I'm not much for sticking with the same thing or doing the same thing. To me change is inevitable, we should all just work with it not fight against it.


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