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I am thankful for


1. Naps: I had been in sleep debt for such a long time now, and over this weekend I slept well and a lot, and I feel like I have some energy back. 

2. Alone time: My roommate was busy this weekend, and I was all alone- just doing my sleeping, laundry, reading. Like I have said before, it is a recharge for me to spend some time with just myself without the need to talk or be there for others. 

3. Work: Past few months were a long, painful wait to get work. I used to hate those days when I was just waiting and it made me feel so worthless. But finally, I have got it!
Bonus point: the perfect location- it's a five minute walk to a beautiful park facing a lake. I have been going there every day during lunch. 

4. Fights: Normally, fights aren't something people are thankful for. But sometimes they show you how people care for you or how much you mean to them, so yeah today I am thankful for few.

5. A good news: My childhood friend got engaged! Yay! The wedding date is not set yet, but I really hope it's sometime when I can be there too. Nonetheless, I am happy for her.

6. Sunshine: I am now getting an ample dose of Vitamin sun everyday, good for both my mood and health. I must remember to put on sunscreen though,

7. Pain: It is one of the hardest feelings when inflicted on you, but as you keep going you find yourself becoming much stronger. So, I am thankful for all the strength it has given me! 
(Not so thrilled about the heartbreaks though)

What are you thankful for?

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  1. we should all be thankful for everything :)


  2. Thank you for this. You've reminded me to have an "attitude of gratitude" today :)

  3. Oh I am with you on the "alone time"! I crave this and if I don't get it, well it's not good for people around me lol!

  4. haha.. better leave us alone when we say so!

  5. You are welcome! I am glad to have helped in some way!

  6. true.. but we often overlook our blessings.

  7. all these simple things are really worth much. i am with you in almost every point!

  8. This week I am so thankful for my dad's recovery - there is really nothing worse than a health scare! So relieved!
    Happy Tuesday, friend! xxx

  9. I understand that feeling- especially seeing your parent in that position. I am glad he is getting better. Sending my best wishes!

  10. What a wonderful list! I love that you were able to turn a few negatives into positives. I could really, really go for a nap or two :)

  11. I am VERY thankful for alone time. It's my favorite. Well, my alone time includes my dog, but he's amazing so he doesn't count. ;)

  12. I am thankful for hardcore workouts that make me feel AWESOME.

  13. That's a better version of alone time! :)

  14. I love alone time, too. And flights. Despite the headaches and the stress, it always means (well, for me it has) a new adventure is around the corner.

    Good for you for catching up on sleep (much needed, always) and getting that Vitamin D in! Love this list and hope you're having a great weekend!

  15. Thanks hun! Happy weekend to you too..


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