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Weird Wednesday


I have been feeling a little weird last few days. Not sad or anything- just weird. I don't know why either. But, that's just how I feel- very weird. So, that's what I will write about today.

Feelings: I have this weird feeling all day- I keep feeling restless most of the times like I am forgetting something, like I am not doing something I should be doing, like I need to be someplace, I can't really work these days, and I can't sleep. I am even getting up before I need to in the morning. That is not me! I am someone who sleeps till noon, and needs to be dragged out of bed in morning- that is who I am, that is how I like, and that is how I want it to be. Dear sleep, please come back. 

Snakes: The other day, me and my friend went for our usual walk on the trail behind our office. It is a beautiful walk by the lake, and it is like a daily thing for us now. She was telling me about her colleague who had seen a snake on the trail once. And honestly I thought that was just hearsay, but just a few minutes later we saw one. I didn't even see it, I was in my own thoughts walking down the trail and if my roommate hadn't shrieked I might have stepped on it. Even thinking about it is scary. That snake made us walk extra; we had to walk back the whole trail.

Blog: I bought a new domain for my blog and the migration messed up and I ended up loosing almost all of my comments. I reached out to disqus and they helped and I was able to get most of them back, but there still are some old posts where it looks like I am just talking to myself. I wish cross-platform migration was easier. In the end, I am just glad I got back the ones I did!

What's the weird thing that happened to you recently?

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  1. Thank goodness you were able to get most of your comments back...that must have been super stressful!!

  2. Love it, your page is so inspirational!!! thank you

  3. Thanks so much Sacha :) you made my day!

  4. Yes, it was... and sad too.. I am so thankful I got most of them back.

  5. Oh man, I hate that feeling of restless unease, and I get those feelings a lot when I'm pregnant, ugh!

  6. I am not even pregnant so... really not sure why this weird feeling! :p

  7. I hate that restless feeling - really messes with you! Hope you are feeling all good again soon :)

  8. Yeah it was scary, and we walked back so fast :D Thanks :)

  9. i can't sleep at night! i fell asleep at 5.30 am and woke up at 7.

  10. I had some crazy stomach pains last week that resulted in me having to call into work. I'm STILL feeling weird days later.

  11. that's how it's been going for me too... :-/ it's so hard when you have a full time job to go to!

  12. Oh, that's not good.. I hope you feel better soon.! :)

  13. The snake story made me laugh. I have a bad history with snakes, copperheads to be exact. Once one bite my sandal which thankfully saved me and one time I almost stepped on one but my then boyfriend, now husband, picked me up to stop me from it. Not a big fan haha.

  14. Yeah, me neither! It wasn't fun at all- and we haven't gone back there since. Snake took away our nice trail. :( Although I am glad it made you laugh!

  15. Oh, I hate snakes. It did make me laugh though because I can see myself just turning around too. No thanks!
    Sorry about your blog comments. That is awful. Hope you get it figured out soon.

  16. I'm glad I made you laugh :D Thanks for stopping by!

  17. I can empathize on the sleep issue. I have a newborn and he is sleeping through the night but I cannot seem to sleep!

  18. Oh, I hope you get your sleep back soon.. My whole day is ruined when I don't get sleep :( Can't live like that!


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