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Friday Feelings


It's Friday, scribblers! I mean, FriYAY. 

Today I am feeling a mix of sleep-deprivation, exhaustion, happiness, and excitement- all at the same time. This was an unusually long week for me and I couldn't be happier now that it's almost over. Work was crazy- with long meetings and sessions and people asking more of me. I also wasn’t able to sleep at night (thanks Game of Thrones!) and ended up being so tired and cranky the next day. Even today, it’s all the same, but I see a ray of hope- Weekend! Also, unlike other weekends, this would not be just sitting at home watching Netflix all day- I might actually go out after many weekends!! 
Plans for my weekend include:

Sleeping: A lot of it. I have to catch up on all the lost sleep over this weekend. I can't afford being a zombie for another week.

Tourist-y stuff: A friend of mine is visiting me so this won’t be a boring weekend either. We might go to the Mystery Spot- it is said to me a gravitational anomaly but is actually an optical illusion because of the surroundings and you feel that gravity is missing in that location. So, basically the surroundings mess up our mind and therefore it is a tourist attraction. We need to book tickets in advance so I hope we can fix a good time and get it done before slots are filled up. I have also heard about the 17-mile drive, and I haven't done it till now, so that's something we could also do if we have some time on our hands.

Shopping: I need to get some things from Lush. Also, my iPhone earphones are not working properly, so I might go to the Apple store too.

Eating: Since my friend is here for the whole weekend, we probably would go out to nice places to eat. That's my favorite part of visiting friends or friends visiting me. Food really is my true love!

What are your plans for the weekend, scribblers?

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  1. I will be photographing a wedding this weekend!

  2. That sound like an AMAZING weekend to me! I have had grand, beautiful and exciting plans in my head.....if only I could walk. I injured my ankle LAST weekend, and I still can't get around at all! But...enjoy YOURS!! Sincerely. Live it up.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend ahead... Enjoy :)
    What movie are you planning to watch? And, where's the next getaway happening?

  4. That sounds fun! Enjoy the wedding too.

  5. Oh no!!! I can feel your pain- I have had several ankle injuries myself and it is super frustrating. I hope it's not too serious and you can move around soon. :)

  6. I LOVE LUSH! Bath bombs keep me happy and I could use one this weekend! My husband is away at school this weekend and I have three toddlers to mind. One of my sons is sick as well so I need the bath bomb even more! Enjoy your weekend with your friend!

  7. I need to catch up with sleep myself. While I plan on sleeping, my kids may have other ideas 😁.

  8. I hope their ideas don't mess with your sleep.. Have a lazy weekend :)

  9. Thanks Joanna.. I hope you get to enjoy your weekend with Bath bombs :)

  10. Sleep... yes! I had a painful work week too. And then the new Avengers movie premiered in Australia this week so HAVE to go out to see that too. Cant wait!

  11. Any recommendations from Lush???

    Hope you have a great weekend and can catch up a bit on some lost sleep!


  12. It's coming out next weekend here.. So excited about it!

  13. I love their bath bombs and their face wash.. Also, my recent favorite is a foot lotion from them! Happy weekend to you too.

  14. I've never been to Lush but I see them in our mall. Hope you had a great weekend!

  15. Thanks Jessica! I hope you had a good one too..

  16. I've read about the Mystery Spot. Did you make the trip?

  17. Yes I did.
    Honestly, I was kind of disappointed. :/

  18. I always work weekends. My plan is always to try to get through it without killing one of our cooks.

  19. hahaha. I hope the cooks are alive! :p


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