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7 ways to feel better


We all have those days when nothing feels good, our shoulders are heavy and nobody seems to understand. I have been there too, quite a lot lately. Although we cannot run away from our problems altogether, sometimes we need to shut them out for a while and just focus on picking ourselves up. 

Here are some things that always (read: most of the times) work for me:
  1. Chocolate: It is the best endorphin fix there is (for me, at least). A small amount of chocolate , especially dark chocolate, can help elevate moods and induce a sense of pleasure. If you are not used to the darker ones, start adding the darkness gradually- that's what I did; there was a time when I hated dark chocolate, but after reading about its health benefits I started increasing the cacao percentage and now my absolute favorite is Ghirardelli Intense Dark. So, here's another reason for you to splurge*!
  2. Hot bath: Baths can help reduce the stress and tiredness in body, and even help improve sleep. It has a pain-killing effect that makes you feel better. Add in some essential oils, light some candles, take a book (or not) and enjoy! If you are not a bath person, hot showers help too.
  3. Music: Listening to music really helps me most days. Some days I just need a distraction, other days I need to lift my mood. Music is always there. Music understands!
  4. Talk: Call a friend, or meet one- and just talk. Talking can be therapeutic; you don't even need to discuss your problems. It takes your mind off things, and most of the times you just have a good time and feel better.
  5. Exercise: Go to the gym, or run, or maybe just take a walk. Trust me, you will feel a lot better afterwards. Remember THIS.
  6. Tea: A cup of hot tea never fails to put me in a better mood. I usually make chai, and the process of making it is a tiny distraction too. Some of my friends say this about cooking too.
  7. Smile: Just put a smile on that face, even if that seems like the hardest thing right now. Just do it. See, it made you feel better right? Keep smiling.
BONUS- Hug: Do I even need to say anything? No, right! Here's a hug for all of you *---(",)----*

*splurge: in small quantities :)

How do you make yourself feel better?

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  1. I love taking my weinie pup Louie out for walks when it's actually warm outside. He gets so happy every Sunday morning when he sees me pull out his polka dot sweater...that always means walk time!!

    xxcheers, Meag

  2. I love taking my weinie pup Louie out for walks when it's actually warm outside. He gets so happy every Sunday morning when he sees me pull out his polka dot sweater...that always means walk time!!

    xxcheers, Meag

  3. Music always makes me feel better as well. And chocolate is a definite! Unless I eat too much and then it has the opposite affect. I like watching my favorite movies, sometimes it's like meeting up with an old friend.

    1. Haha yeah.. eating too much does that to me too! I like watching movies too!


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