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Is calling really tough?

Whenever I see around, I see at least one person having cellphone stuck to their ear, and they seem to just go on and on with anyone they talk to. And that makes me ask myself, am I weird? Or am out of place? Or something like that.. Because I think out of everyone I have ever met or seen, I am the only one who wants to avoid phone calls, as much as possible! Its not that I don't want to be in touch with my dear ones. But somehow, phone calls make me kind of nervous, with me thinking what would I talk of or what would I say etc. I do attend calls I get thinking that it might hurt my dear ones if I avoid, but I don't even remember the last time I made a vague call to anyone. I can chat all day long on internet, or text, or emails. But calling is something I am never comfortable with. I can communicate better in writing, when comes to speaking I am always falling short of words. I know it is not right, I should know to communicate verbally because writing cannot help in most of cases. Now, I really feel I need to work on it, and so I am going to repeat this to myself : "Calling isn't tough." Hopefully it works.

Can anyone give me some tips to help with this?

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  1. Unfortenately I can't help you because it is the same with me. The only person I call often and never be nervous is my boyfriend. I don't attend calls when I don't know the number and am always afraid of calling an old friend even if I sometimes wish to talk to them, so I send a SMS or E-mail or Online Network Message to say hi, because I don't know what to say then. Just wanted to say "Hi" is so short why calling. I think I'm also better in writing and some friends already blame me for not calling them, but you know what most of them don't call either... But sometimes it is really better just to call is a lot easier...

  2. i am known for never answering my phone...if i am doing anything, i don't answer. will text...and email...but phone calls take total concentration...and with all the girlies, i don't get much time for that!

  3. Sometimes I feel it too. I prefer instant messaging. I just don't like to talk on the phone ;(

  4. im with all these girls i hate taking on the phone! ive always hated it. haha even to my best friends AND boyfriend. i can never think of anythign to say because to me it's just awkward that you cant see the other person and their reactions or motions, to expect themt to takl. so many times i talk over the other person on accident, then we both stop talking, then we start at the sam time! haha so awkward. id rather just talk in person!

  5. I never answer my phone! The only people I always answer their calls are my boyfriend, my brother, and one of my friends. Everyone else I just let them leave a message so I know what they want before I call them back.

  6. Aw DT, I would say just ask yourself what the big deal is and what is the worst that could happen. I used to be really nervous about talking on the phone, but after doing it more often and simply, MEETING MY FEAR, I've become much more phone savvy. No one will stop liking you if there are awkward pauses on the phone.

  7. unfortunately, that is the new route of our existense; perhaps you leave messaging on line to work related only and friends and family get the well deserved one-on-one time

  8. I don't think your alone in this..... a lot of people don't like talking on the phone which is why texting is so popular.

  9. Yeah, that's true.. But texting can't replace the real conversation I feel. It also causes misunderstandings at times- not a good option for arguments..

  10. I just finished studying journalism at school and part of our research and interviewing class was doing cold calls, and I can honestly say that at least half the class was uncomfortable with this! Including myself! I would get really bad anxiety and fumble over my words, but it gets a lot better with practice. I now do over the phone interviews all of the time as a freelance writer.

  11. I enjoy talking to some people, but others I much prefer to text or email. I have found that a lot of people are really uncomfortable with talking on the phone. I used to love it, and can still spend hours talking to the right people, but it also depends on my mood. Sometimes up just don't feel like it, you know? I wonder if the invention of texting and the internet has made it more prevalent that people don't want to talk, or if you just notice it more now because there are more options?

  12. I totally get you! I HATE talking on the phone, and only answer if its my mum, sister or husband. I can have the longest email/text conversations though :)

  13. I detest making phone calls, and make my husband make all necessary phone calls, most of the time. It's not just you!

  14. I don't mind talking to friends on the phone but I hate making phone calls to to order something or call a company. If someone calls me I usually let it go to voicemail first and then call back.


    Jeans and a Teacup

  15. Yeah, unknown numbers freak me out.. and even more when people don't leave a message and I end up wondering who called and why!

  16. haha.. I do that all the time...

  17. I think it definitely has something to do with the options and easy way outs..

  18. Cool! You overcame your fear :)

  19. Yes, family and friends deserve that.. But, sometimes with everything else and my natural tendencies of not calling- texting comes handy


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